Bridge the Gap Workouts – HIIT Class

Bridge the Gap

Name: Bridge the Gap Workouts, LLC

Location: Lansdale, PA

Exercise Type: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Place: Gym (Krux)

Day of the Week: Wednesday

Time: 6:30 PM

Length of Class: 45 min

Price: $15/class; *First class FREE* Packages available

What to Wear: T-shirt/tank top; shorts/leggings; sneakers

What to Bring: Water and a towel (optional)

What is Provided: Weights, mats, exercise balls, etc.

Level of Experience: All levels seen throughout the class

Age Group: Various; all ages seen in class

FEEL THE BURN!!! Danielle’s HIIT class did not disappoint!  We had no equipment, just a mat and our own weight, which we know can sometimes be even harder. Her class consisted of 6 rounds of high intensity intervals – 20 seconds exercise/10 seconds rest/ 20 seconds exercise, and two 1.5 minute group challenges, all of which were challenging and fun.  Danielle really knows how to incorporate different workouts to target all areas of your body. Just when we felt like we couldn’t go any longer, she switched up the exercise to give our bodies a rest and work a different group of muscles. She is especially motivating throughout class, and her music playlist is on point (old school rap songs, hell yeah!).  Danielle explains which area of your body you should be targeting and gives modifications for all levels. She also reminded us to BREATHE! There were countless times she said that and we thought to ourselves “when is the last time we took a breath? BREATHE.” It was obvious that Danielle’s knowledge of health, wellness, and fitness is excellent.

We feel Danielle’s class is perfect for the working mom. The Wednesday night, 45 minute class, leaves you feeling strong and fit. Allowing time to get home from work and getting dinner on the table helped our husbands out. Plus we got to kiss our babies goodnight! The amount of calories burned is a strong contender too – Yes, I will have that second glass of wine and another slice of pizza!

Be sure to check out Bridge the Gap Workouts, LLC for more information on Danielle’s classes offered. We give her and her class two thumbs up!

Thank you for having us! These mamas feel stronger to take on the day!!

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