CycleBar – North Wales


Name: CycleBar

Location: North Wales, PA

Exercise Type: Classic Cycle

Place: Studio

Day of the Week: Sunday

Time: 9:30 AM

Length of Class: 45 min

Price: *First class FREE*; $24/drop-in class; Packages available

What to Wear: T-shirt/tank top; shorts/leggings

What to Bring: Water

What is Provided: Shoes, Towel, Weights

Level of Experience: All levels seen throughout the class

Age Group: Various; all ages seen in class

CycleBar Classic… wow!  Being relatively new to indoor cycling, this class was amazing (and sweaty)!  We received a friendly greeting at the door, shown how to sign in on the tablets, directed to our assigned cubby where our reserved shoes were (FREE with class), and even given a free water bottle (perk of being a new rider)!  We were given a quick tour of the studio, which encompassed a locker room area with free water, coffee, and snacks – every mom knows snacks are so important!

Krissy was our instructor, and she was so full of positive energy, which is so different from mom life (and wife life) and always having to tell someone “No, don’t do that! Don’t touch that!”  She immediately approached us before class to introduce herself, answer any questions we had, help us get set up on our bikes, and gave us the rundown of the class.  Krissy explained how to hit certain RPMs, and also when we should gear up/down.  She always provided a range to accommodate all levels. The class was upbeat, with a great music playlist, which is so much better than listening to Disney soundtracks on repeat.  Krissy kept reminding us to ride to the beat of the music, which was so incredibly helpful and inspiring during our ride.  Sometimes we would forget how much our legs were burning because we were so focused on keeping up with the beat.  Aside from the loud and motivational music, Krissy designated some time for mindfulness.  She reminded us why we were here, and how we should always strive to be our best self.  Being moms, this is so important because we don’t always feel like we get a break to enjoy being mindful.

One aspect of the class we were not expecting was an upper body workout.  In each of the bikes there were weighted rods (4 and 6 lbs.) that we used for our biceps, triceps, and shoulders. This made our experience feel like a full body workout. Unfortunately, picking up our kids doesn’t give us the muscles we strive to have, so this unexpected addition to our morning really made our bodies feel whole.  Krissy also reminded us of the importance of keeping our core tight.  We are sure going to feel that in our abs tomorrow!

We feel this class is perfect for the working mom.  We chose the 9:30 class because that allowed us to have breakfast with our kids, and also permitted us time to spend with our family for the rest of the day.  The location of the studio was also a plus.  It was right off of 309 in North Wales, which was perfect to be able to run errands on our way home.  Kid-free errands are always a win!  Another feature of our story is that we both had plans the night before – one of us had a wedding, and the other had a date night to celebrate a wedding anniversary.  We really had to get ourselves motivated to get out of the house to make it to our 9:30 class. This is a prime example of where working out together is advantageous because we hold each other accountable.  We are both moms, both busy, and both have careers.  We promised ourselves and each other that we would not let anything get in the way of our wellbeing.

Be sure to check out CycleBar – North Wales for more information on classes offered. We will definitely be visiting again soon!  CycleBar

Thank you for having us!

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