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I had a really long day at work… I was tired, hungry, annoyed by my longer than normal train ride, and quite frankly, cranky!  I knew when I got home from work, I had exactly 1.5 hours to play with my daughter, make dinner, feed my daughter, play with her some more, and get ready for my 7:00 PM barre class. That’s when “mom life” happened. BAM!

I was playing alongside my daughter, and she lost her balance and toppled over. This happens a lot with a 20 month old, so I thought nothing of it. I picked her up, and told her she was OK. She then proceeded to uncontrollably cry and grab at her arm. Typically, when she is upset/hurt, I am able to calm her down pretty quickly by offering a toy, her favorite movie (I know, bad mom), my phone, food, etc. I offered her her favorite candy (M&M’s), and when she didn’t even entertain the idea of them, I knew something was wrong.  

My husband (luckily) was home when all of this went down, so we rushed her over to the CHOP urgent care. After a 45 minute agonizing wait, we were taken back to the exam room and seen by the doctor.  I’ll spare you all of the details, but thankfully, she is fine! There is no residual pain or lasting damage (only the damage to my husband and I having to see our daughter go through so much pain).

Due to this awful incident, I missed my scheduled barre class… something I look forward to weekly. My husband, being as supportive as he is, told me he could handle our daughter and I should still go to class. As much as I loved working out and staying healthy, I couldn’t bear to leave my injured daughter. We all know when kids are sick or hurt all they want is their mom, and I was not going to leave her.

I promised her the whole time we were at urgent care that when we got home we would watch Coco, and that is what we did.  Coco is not only her favorite movie, but favorite soundtrack too. Every time we get into the car all I hear is “Coco, Coco!”  Being so happy that she was OK, and so afraid that she would hurt herself again (why can’t we put them in bubbles?!), we sat as a family and watched a few parts of Coco before putting her to bed.

As moms, we have to make many sacrifices – some big and some small. Fortunately for me, this was a small sacrifice to make to ensure my daughter was OK. Mom life is hard! Some days it is harder than others, but seeing the unconditional love my daughter has for me, makes everything worth it.



Did you ever have a time when you felt guilty for leaving the kids with your significant other because everything seemed to be falling apart? Well that was me the other night.

I picked up the kids from daycare and everything seemed to be going in the right direction until the director came out and told me that one of the other infants was diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease. The first thing that popped into my mind was, “Great, we leave for vacation on Saturday!”

As I was driving home I feel more and more upset and even a little angry. Of course this is my luck! I called my husband and asked him to preheat the oven since he was getting home earlier than me. I already had our dinner in the crockpot and the kids’ dinner ready to go in the refrigerator. It just needed to be put in the oven (a win for mommy). I called my husband back a few minutes later to get the bath water going, so we could plop the kids right in the bath to get all the daycare germs off and then begin dinner.

We successfully got the kids bathed and in their pajamas (with lots of screaming because my daughter hates getting her hair washed/brushed, and my son all of the sudden hates getting a diaper on). Now on to dinner.

My husband got the next win! He was able to get their dish in and out of the oven with no problems. I start cutting up their food and serve a delicious, nutritious meal (with the whining continuing in the background- how does it just become white noise to us?) Apparently my toddler daughter decides that she no longer likes sweet potatoes, and can only eat chicken with at least a half bottle of ranch. My husband continues to feed my son, and I try to get a few more things done so I can leave them in a good place for bedtime. My daughter no longer likes to sit for dinner, so she decides she needs to get her brother water with one of his stacking cups.

She wants to go upstairs and we convince her to come downstairs (with at least 4 minutes of negotiations). She gets her stool and goes to the kitchen sink. She was occupied so I decided to take something to the garage to get it out of the way. When I return, there is glass EVERYWHERE. My daughter decided to grab a drinking glass off the counter and wash it. It slipped out of her hands and onto the floor. During the whole time, she is hysterically crying because she is upset that she broke the cup.

Everyone is sitting again at the table as we sternly talked to our daughter about how it’s important that she listens, sits at the table, eats her dinner, etc… I serve my husband his dinner. Now the clock shows 6:23 and I need to get ready to leave by 6:30.

As I get ready, my daughter continues to cry, and now my son is now super upset because he’s been in his high chair forever. As I come downstairs, my husband is trying to clean up from dinner and everyone is screaming crying. It was already past 6:30 and as I pick up my son, the mommy guilt immediately set in. Do I go to class? Do I cancel? Do I leave my husband with this hot mess?

I always try my best to gets the kids home, fed, bathed and dressed for bed so all my husband has to do is put the kids to bed. When this doesn’t happen, it makes me feel guilty about going to class because I’m gone for about two hours. I know how hard it is to deal with two little ones alone. Thankfully my husband was able to take our son out of my arms and tell me it will be fine and to go to class.

Getting out of the house to exercise is not always easy especially when things seem to be blowing up. Layering on the guilty feelings only adds stress to myself. It took a long time to get in the right mindset of not feeling this way. It also helps to vent to a workout buddy! Letting go of everything, getting focused in class, and taking care of myself is now a priority. Luckily my  husband also understands this need of mine and I made it to class with just a few minutes to spare!

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