Dana Hot Yoga


Name: Dana Hot Yoga

Location: Springhouse, PA

Exercise Type: Hot Yoga

Place: Studio

Day of the Week: Thursday

Time: 7:30 PM

Length of Class: 1 hour 15 min

Price: $17/class; Packages available

What to Wear: T-shirt/tank top; shorts/leggings

What to Bring: Water, yoga mat and a big towel

What is Provided: Blocks, straps

Level of Experience: All levels seen throughout the class

Age Group: Various; all ages seen in class

We have one word for this class… SWEATY!  We told you all that we’d be on a sweaty journey, and this is probably going to be the sweatiest one! Even childbirth didn’t leave us this sweaty! We arrived at Dana Hot Yoga about 15 minutes before class to get checked in and ready. As soon as we opened the door to the studio, the heat hit us in our faces. We have both taken hot yoga before, but somehow we still weren’t prepared. We were directed to line up our mats on either side of the room, and to face the middle.  We were also told there were blocks and straps available for us during our practice if we needed as well.

The studio was a good sized room, dimly lit, with soothing music.  When Ben, the instructor entered, he immediately asked who was new to yoga and who was new to the studio.  We both have taken yoga before, but this was our first time visiting Dana Hot Yoga. He explained to us how the class was going to flow, and also that he would offer different levels and modifications.  He emphasized how we should listen to our bodies, and take breaks whenever we needed. This was something, as moms, that we loved to hear! When do we ever get told we are allowed and encouraged to take a break? Definitely not with babies and toddlers running around! Soak it in, mamas!

The flow of the class was slow, which was perfect for us yoga rookies. Ben was extremely experienced and knowledgeable. All throughout class he kept us informed of how many exercises we had left, how to focus on our breathing, and stressed the importance of hydrating.  He also came around and offered help and suggestions to get us in the proper poses. We especially liked how there were no mirrors in the room, so we wouldn’t embarrass ourselves due to our lack of experience. We’ve all been that mom whose kid throws a tantrum in the grocery store! We realized as the class went on that everyone was so focused on themselves, and no one was looking at the next person. We know embarrassment can play a huge role in group exercise, but this is was not the case in this particular class.

As moms, we really liked how Ben started and ended the class with a few quiet minutes. We love that we can take advantage of these few minutes of quiet time in our day. He reminded us that this time was for us, and that we should let go of all of the bad things in our lives. As moms, our days aren’t easy, they are filled with cutting up food, changing diapers, praying that nap time is a success, occupying, repeat, repeat, repeat. Don’t get us wrong, we wouldn’t change this for the world, but we love getting the opportunity to be selfish.

The time of the class was beneficial to mom life.  It started at 7:30, which was perfect for our evening routine with our families. We were able to get dinner ready for our family, bathe our kids, and kiss them goodnight before leaving for class.

After taking this class, we have a few recommendations for newcomers to Dana Hot Yoga. We were told to bring a big towel. This is 100% needed. We also recommend bringing a second smaller towel. In the beginning of class, before we were all sweaty, we used the towel to wipe our faces/bodies as needed. Once class continued and we were super sweaty, we needed to put our towels on top of our yoga mats to prevent us from slipping.  This is where the small face towel would have come in handy. We struggled to keep our big towel down, and also wipe the sweat away from our faces. You’d think that as moms, we’d be able to figure out how to make one towel work, but maybe our minds were too focused on how we were going to make it out alive (kidding, kind of). We were told to bring water, and you definitely need this. One of us had a 24 oz insulated water bottle, and the other had a 16 oz non-insulated water bottle.  The non-insulated water bottle didn’t stand up to the heat very well, and was warm halfway through class. Also, 16 oz was not enough water.

Be sure to check out Dana Hot Yoga – Springhouse for more information on classes offered. We will be back to sweat it out with you soon! Dana Hot Yoga

Thank you for having us!

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