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Sometimes “Mom Life” doesn’t allow us time to go to an exercise class. In those instances, we need an alternative.  When I am unable to go to a class or to the gym, I usually start off by going for a run. My running days have far surpassed, so I typically only run 2 miles at a time.  Adding a jogging stroller and a 30 lb. toddler makes it that much harder!

Preparing my toddler to go out on a run takes a little bit of time, and sometimes convincing. “It will be so fun to go on a run with mommy, right?! We’ll see doggies and birds and maybe even a kitty cat!”  After I convince her, I have to make sure I have the necessities packed. Do I have a snack for her? A drink? Books? Toys? OK, all set! I place her in her stroller, and we are off. A half mile done, I feel great! Up my first hill… this would be easier without the extra weight of the stroller and my daughter. Over the hill and running through the park. Uh-oh, lost a book, I have to retrace my steps. Suddenly, my 2 mile run is a lot longer than it used to be. I keep running, and finally make it back home in one piece.

I get her out of her stroller, and head inside to finish off my workout.  I usually just do some push-ups, crunches, planks, and light weights. This is the part that gets interesting. My daughter is pretty good at playing by herself, but as soon as she sees my yoga mat and weights come out, it’s game over. I start by doing some crunches, and she runs over and sits right on my belly. This makes crunches nearly impossible. I proceed to do some push-ups and planks, and she crawls underneath me and starts poking at my belly button. Aside from trying to conceal my laughter, it’s not all bad. She keeps me from dropping to the ground when I am tired and ready to give up.  Now onto the weights. This is the hardest part. She wants one of the weights, and I need both to do my workout. With the constant “Mine! Mine! Mine!” that she is yelling, all while grabbing for the weights, my workout ends.

It is not always easy to fit in workouts while caring for a toddler/baby. My normal routine has tripled in time, and I was not able to accomplish as much as I had planned.  I do feel as though my multi-tasking skills are improving! How can I fit in an extra set, while distracting my daughter all at the same time? I am also trying to look at the positive aspect of the situation – my daughter is seeing me exercise pretty often. I am hoping that as she grows, she will also see the benefit of exercising and staying healthy.

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