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I’m on vacation in OBX this week with my two littles ones and no hubby. I workout three to four times a week because I need it for all the reasons I mentioned before- physically and mentally. My goal this week was to exercise. This is how it’s going.

First of all, I forgot how tiring vacationing with kids can be especially when you subtract a parent. Thankfully, I have an awesome family crew to help me out! We have tons of steps to climb up and down throughout the day. The house is kind of backwards so the kitchen and living room are on the top floor. In addition to that, I also have to carry my 25+ pound linebacker baby boy. That’s a workout itself! Then the trudge to the beach. Ah yes, that’s a workout going back and forth. See the pictures for proof. Plus the sand is scorching hot! I ended up running back yesterday afternoon and I think I have first-degree burns on the bottom of my big toes. Secondly, I’m on vacation. By the time I get the kids in bed and then actually shower myself, I’m ready to sit down and drink my Crispin’ Rose` on the deck (BTW so yummy!!!)

Well this morning I realized that I really was kind of motivated to get back to reaching my goal. I decided to get dressed in my workout gear. Half the battle is showing up, right? Well then as the morning continued to progress, I felt like I wasn’t going to get there. My son decided he needed a morning nap and I knew this was my chance! I got the computer and pulled up Danielle Bridge’s Bridge the Gap online workout. A familiar face and familiar workout. I brought my daughter with me to the pool area, got our towels set up, and grabbed a water bottle. Then I pushed play and got my hot, sweaty workout in. It felt great!

I plan to try and get one more in tomorrow morning- wish me luck!

Here’s the Bridge the Gap workout link:

BTG Anywhere – YouTube

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