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Men- we can’t live with them or without them. In the case of exercising, I can’t live without my husband. Every class I attend, he’s home tending to the kids. We have a three year old and 11 month old. Bedtime routines can be quite a challenge and the weekends are always a wild card. Here’s how my husband supports me.

First of all, my husband understands that exercising is important to me. A sweaty, hard exercise class makes me feel centered and more grounded. I look forward to getting out of the house for my sanity too. My husband fully gets this and I think this is most important. He never judges me or makes a comment about leaving to get in a workout. That’s number one!

Secondly, I understand that dealing with two little ones can be quite a battle so I try to make everything as easy as I can when I’m leaving on a weeknight. (When we only had one child, things were much easier because I knew he could handle bath time and putting our daughter to bed. He just hated that Tuesday night was always bath night. Hehe) A typical, smoothly run Tuesday night would look like the following: first have dinner planned and ready to go, pick up kids from daycare, get them and all their bags in the house, start dinner, survive all the snack requests from my “starving” daughter and entertain my son while making dinner, get dinner on the table, make sure I have dinner for when I get home, try to clean up while they eat- including bottles and daycare lunch items, get upstairs and bathe kids, get them in their PJs, get ready for my workout, hugs and kisses without tears, leave! (This is what my husband and I strive for and most nights we get it done with lots of whining and tears).

Third, we’re a team. Sometimes we aren’t the most supportive teammates and sometimes our communication sucks but overall we do a pretty good job of taking care of our kids and making a positive and loving environment. I know our kids are growing up so fast and we’ll apparently look back at these days and miss them. I just need to remember that I need to balance it all and take care of me.

And lastly, yes my husband gets his “me time” in every weekend by cutting the lawn for hours, going to a million drafts, and laying on the couch watching football. It all evens out in the end. I get muscles and a clear mind, he gets food and football. We all get a beautiful lawn to enjoy. Wins for everyone!  

Thanks for all you do, Jake! I LOVE you!





I really don’t want this post to go to my husband’s head… but I really wouldn’t be able to work out as much as I do, if I didn’t have his support and encouragement.  Occasionally, my “mom guilt” sets in about leaving my daughter, and he reassures me that he has it covered and I should go and enjoy myself. He reminds me that being a mom is also about taking care of myself, which couldn’t be more true!  Before our daughter was born, we made a promise that we wouldn’t lose sight of ourselves, and it is something that we consistently work on in our daily lives.

Typically, the classes that fit my schedule start around 6:30-7:00 at night. On these nights, I get home from work around 5:00 pm, play with my daughter, make her dinner, clean her up, play with her some more, and wait for my husband to get home.  He usually gets home between 6:00-6:30, so it’s like we tag in and tag out. I leave for class and he handles the bedtime routine, which sometimes can be challenging, but he has it down! When I get home from class, he usually has dinner ready, and we get to enjoy a nice quiet dinner. This is the time of the night where we get to catch up without interruptions, and it is nice to unwind together. We both have careers, which can be stressful, but making time for each other is essential. I never fully understood the difference between quantity and quality until adding a daughter into my life. We don’t always have a lot of time together with our busy schedules, but we make the most of the time we have.

My husband has always been supportive of my goals and ambitions.  When I started incorporating more exercise into my life, he was excited for me and helped out wherever and whenever he could. He is the reason I rediscovered fitness.  Before we got married, we lived in Conshohocken, PA, and 3 mornings a week he would set the alarm, and literally drag me out of bed to go for a run before work. If any of you are familiar with Conshohocken, you know there are hills… big hills! And like a crazy person, he sought out those hills.  I hated it at the time, but I am so thankful he pushed me. He knew I had it in me, I just needed to find it. Now that I have found my need and desire for exercise, I strive to work out 4 times a week (including the weekends), sometimes more, and unfortunately, sometimes less. Without my husband’s support, I wouldn’t be able to get to nearly as many classes.  His encouragement is motivation for me to keep working out. We all know it is so much easier to sit on the couch with a glass of wine. I must confess that some nights… the couch (and wine) wins!

Love you, Scott! You’re the best!


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