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Another way our husbands love and support us is by taking a barre class with us! Rise hosted a special event this past Friday, inviting us ladies to bring our significant others to class. Boy, was it entertaining! Both of our husbands had no idea what they were in for, and we found it absolutely hilarious! We were secretly watching their every move as our instructor, Jeannine, switched it up to the next exercise. I think a few times we heard “Oh my god, are you serious?! There’s no way I can do that!”  Who knew 2 lbs weights could be so heavy?? And oops! It was cardio barre! We conveniently left that part out. We never imagined how hysterical it would be to watch the men attempt to be coordinated while doing step touches! They’re really not that hard, guys! At that point, even Jeannine started laughing and switched us up to jumping jacks. I think her exact words were “I can’t watch this anymore… jumping jacks!” At that point, the whole room broke out into laughter.

We love taking barre, as we have said before, and it was even more fun to share it with our husbands. It was as though we were bringing them into our world of barre, and we took great pride in showing them how awesome Rise is. We think they have a better appreciation for how hard we work at class too. It was also a great night out with our husbands and barre friends.  Not only did we get to burn some calories, but we also all went out to the bar after to “re-hydrate.” All parents know how important and fun it is to have kid-free night! See our quick video on YouTube  to discover how the guys felt after class!

Thanks so much, Rise and Jeannine, for having us! We can’t wait to drag (torture?!) our hubbies back with us again soon!

Check back with us in a few weeks for a full review on Rise’s cardio barre class. The class does not disappoint, and you will all want to check it out! In the meantime, go to Rise Barre for more information on classes offered.

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