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Danielle Bridge, of Bridge the Gap Workouts, LLC, invited us to a special event on Sunday at the Country Creek Winery, where we participated in high intensity circuit training.  The hour workout was $10, and if you paid an extra $5, you got a wine tasting at the end. Working out + wine – kids = happy mamas! We call that a mom win! The “minus kids” part was optional though, even though we soaked in the fact that we were kid-free!  With many of her events, Danielle allows participating parents to bring along their kids – some of the kids joined in the exercises, and some chose to run around the grounds. As a parent, this is a great option to have because the excuse of not being able to work out goes away, whether due to finding a babysitter or feeling guilty for leaving your kids behind.

When we arrived, Danielle was setting up 12-14 circuits around the winery grounds, most of which were “wine” themed. She even teased us with lifting and pretending to sip out of empty wine bottles, while holding a minute long plank! Wouldn’t it have been more fun to actually sip the wine?!  We’ll pitch that idea to her next time (kidding)!  Some of the other circuits included burpees with an empty wine barrel, bench pressing an empty keg (we think we saw a parent benching their child, which is genius), walking lunges with wine bottles, jumping over a case of wine, and many more!  

Each of the circuits were designed to be fun and challenging, and left us dripping with sweat!   At first we were a little worried we wouldn’t remember the exercise at each circuit, and that everyone would be watching us, but that was not the case at all!  Everyone was so focused on themselves that they didn’t have a second to look elsewhere. We also really liked that we were able to go at our own pace. As moms, we constantly feel like we need to “go, go, go!”,  so it is really nice to be able to slow down and listen to our bodies. We especially enjoyed the class being outside because we are so used to working out inside in the air conditioning. It was a breath of fresh air, pun intended!

Danielle is especially motivating, which is why we keep coming back to her classes.  She always has a great playlist that keeps us engaged and helps us forget how badly we need a break.  Danielle also pays close attention to everyone in her class by encouraging us, offering modifications, and correcting our form when needed. As moms, we really love that she reminds us to engage our core, because they are definitely not as strong since having babies.

We ended our workout session tired and sweaty, but with a cold glass of wine in hand! We also met some new workout buddies, who we hope to work out with soon!  Go to Bridge The Gap Workouts, LLC to check out more of Danielle’s classes offered, and head over to  Country Creek Winery and grab yourself a nice glass (bottle) of wine!  Thank you for having us, we will definitely be back to workout with you soon!

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