Urban Fit – Get Your Gloves Up

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Name: Urban Fit

Location: Hatfield, PA

Exercise Type: Get Your Gloves Up

Place: Gym

Day of the Week: Saturday

Time: 8:00 AM

Length of Class: 60 min

Price: Variety of packages available; *New Client Special $29 for a month of unlimited classes*

What to Wear: T-shirt/tank top; leggings/shorts; sneakers

What to Bring: Water; towel; gloves

What is Provided: Weight; jump rope; gloves (first come, first served)

Level of Experience: All levels seen throughout the class

Gender Majority: Women

Age Group: Various; all ages seen in class

If you want to be a badass mom, go to Urban Fit and take the “Get Your Gloves Up” class with Kathy Bareuther!  This class is a mix between boxing, kicking boxing, and interval training. At first we felt slightly intimidated because it was our first time going to a boxing class (and there were huge tires outside *panic starts to set in*). We felt a little outside of our comfort zone, but it was ok because we had each other (to laugh at). Once we stepped foot inside, we realized it was just a huge open adult playground! Apparently, they also do Spartan training, so there was a gigantic obstacle course in the center of the gym. We are still debating if we have enough guts to take the Spartan class. You’ll have to keep following us to see!

When we got to the front desk, Kathy greeted us, had us fill out a waiver form, showed us where some things were, and told us to look around until class started.  She also let each of us borrow a set of her personal boxing gloves because we didn’t have our own. Kathy also apologized to us for being so sweaty, and we laughed because she had just taught the same class at 7:00 am (way too early for us, so we opted for the 8:00 am), and said she likes to work out with her clients. We loved this because it showed us that she really believed in the class she was teaching. It is also totally badass that she was able to teach and work out in the same class twice in a row!

We started off the class jogging around the parking lot. Luckily, we felt confident that we could do that small jog. It really pays off having to run after our kids! As we entered the gym again, we did several exercises to continue the warm up, like crab walks, walking lunges, and shuffling. Kathy then asked us to choose a side: one was equipped with heavy bags, the other with weights and jump ropes. We chose the latter, thinking this was the easier of the two (it was not). Kathy explained the series of exercises for our side, which were bear crawls with additional cardio, and arm exercises with weights. This is the part we thought we had down, until we looked down at the weights they offered.  We’re used to light weights (2 – 3 lbs), and doing high reps, but the weights they offered were 8 lbs, 10 lbs, and 12 lbs. What the heck is this?! We asked for lighter weights, like 5 lbs, and she said it was OK since it was our first class. We knew she meant business! We attempted the higher weights, and some of the exercises we were able to keep up with using them. When it was time to jump rope, we also thought this was a walk in the park. Boy, were we wrong! Neither of us had jumped rope since probably grade school, but we thought it was just like riding a bike… once you learn, you always know how! Trying to get into a good rhythm jumping rope was so hard! This is something we need to practice before trying this next time.

When we switched sides, we started with an inverted burpee (kicking the bag, which took a little time to get used to) and then series of boxing exercises. Kathy was fantastic! She came over to us immediately and showed us the proper form, and how to proceed with the exercise.  We had no idea how much we would like boxing. All of the frustrations from the week, and from our lives, were taken out on the bags, and it felt amazing! We suggest every mom try this at least once! Just imagine the bag as your husband’s face when you ask him to go get your crying baby in the middle of the night, and he pretends he’s sleeping! Haha, we’re kidding, but seriously, give it a try!

After our boxing set, we switched back to the other side for another series of weights and cardio.  Following this series, we had one more boxing round, then we stretched and were done for the day. The amount of calories burned in the 60 minutes class is indisputable. We will add that you will only see one of our Apple Watch pictures because the other one of us had “mom brain,”  which led her to forget to start her watch, all because the kids were still sleeping when she left for class (this never happens, by the way)! “Mom brain”… we can all relate to that at one time or another, right?! This is a perfect reason why you should try this class! We were so focused on punching the bags, that we forgot all about our other stressors.

This class is a great option for working moms! It is offered at both 7:00 & 8:00 am on Saturdays, and is only 60 minutes.  We were both lucky enough to have the kids (and husbands) still sleeping when we left for class, so we didn’t feel guilty leaving.  You also burn a lot  of calories in those 60 minutes! Aside from the obvious arm workout, the class had great core training. You know we love talking about making our cores stronger… so add this to the list of pros for moms taking this class!  As we mentioned above, it is a great stress reliever, and being working moms, we have a lot of stress. Being able to clear our minds, work on our bodies, and get fit and strong is a “mom win!”

We will definitely be back to punch it out with you soon! Thank you for having us! Be sure to check out Urban Fit for more classes offered.

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  1. Oh Meghan and Melissa!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the class and really hope to see you both soon!!!

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