Wholistics Fitness & Wellness For Women – Body Sculpting


Name: Wholistics – Fitness and Wellness for Women

Location: North Wales, PA

Exercise Type: Body Sculpting

Place: Wellness Center

Day of the Week: Thursday

Time: 7:00 PM

Length of Class: 50 min

Price: Variety of packages available; Single class $14 (insurance available for some additional services)

What to Wear: T-shirt/tank top; leggings/shorts; sneakers

What to Bring: Water; towel; mat

What is Provided: free weights (dumbbells); bar (with a variety of pounds); sliders; bands

Level of Experience: All levels seen throughout the class

Gender Majority: Female

Age Group: Various; all ages seen in class

Moms, if you’re looking to get back into shape and want the whole package, then Wholistics is the place to start! It’s a place for women to not only exercise in small groups, but they also offer weight loss programs, personal training, psychotherapy and counseling, boot camps, acupuncture, and more!

When we first arrived, we were welcomed with a warm greeting in the reception area, and asked if we were new. That made us feel like they really knew their clients because we stuck out as “new”. It turns out that this woman, Amy, was not only the instructor of the class we were about to take, but the owner too (we found that out after class).  Amy showed us around, answered our questions, and helped us get the appropriate equipment for class. She gave us a brief overview of what to expect in class as well. As a mom, It is always nice to know what is ahead because “mom life” is full of so many uncertainties!

The Body Sculpting class was just that! We used lots of medium and heavy weights (dumbbells and barbells), resistance bands, and sliders, paired with a variety of exercises to elevate our heart rate.  We did each exercise a number of times, and then there were quick breaks, maybe 10 seconds or so, between exercises to help burn all parts of our body. We worked our arms, legs, back, abs and more. Our pecs have never been so sore the next day because we are not used to lifting heavy weights, as we are accustomed to low weights and high reps!  Lifting heavier weights, and low reps, is new for us, but we liked it! We always say that it makes lifting our heavy children easier, and it really does!

We were there for a workout, but we noticed the environment more… It felt warm and welcoming. There were no mirrors, lots of positive quotes everywhere, and a small personal feel. If you were getting back into exercising again, and also needed help with your diet (which maybe we really do too!) then this felt like the perfect place to visit.  After class, we were reflecting on the visit, as we always do, and we talked about how this would be an amazing place to go with our own moms. Both of our moms want to workout, but are limited in some ways due to health problems. This is another reason why we also believe we need to take care of ourselves. Being healthy is a big priority of ours, and we hope to inspire others to feel the same! We felt like Wholistics would be a supportive and positive place that could help them feel successful and get results they desire. We could also support them and benefit from the services too!

We had such a positive experience at Wholistics, and definitely recommend all of you working mamas giving it a try.  The environment is relaxing from the moment you step in the door, so you can take a step back mentally, and forget about all of your other stressors from the day.  Being working moms, we have a hard job! Being a mom in general is hard work… we get that, and Wholistics can definitely help! We can almost guarantee they have some service that will be beneficial. The Body Sculpting class we took is only 50 minutes at 7:00pm.  This is perfect for working moms! You get a full body workout in only 50 minutes. The weight training, resistance bands, and core workout really left us feeling strong! On our new workout journey, we were really impressed with Wholistics and all they wide range they have to offer.

We’re so excited to come back and try out some of the other classes – Boot Camps, Reformer Pilates, and a class called Kettle-X which uses TRX cables, to just name a few. Thank you for having us! Be sure to check out Wholistics for more classes and services offered.



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