Pound – Club EZ Fit

Name: Club EZ Fit

Location: Souderton, PA

Exercise Type: Pound

Place: Gym

Day of the Week: Saturday

Time: 9:30 AM

Length of Class: 45 min

Price: First class FREE; $10 drop-in fee; membership packages available

What to Wear: T-shirt/tank top; leggings/shorts; sneakers (optional; most people took the class barefoot)

What to Bring: Water; towel; mat

What is Provided: Ripstix weighted drumsticks; exercise ball

Level of Experience: All levels seen throughout the class

Gender Majority: Female

Age Group: Various; all ages seen in class

Pound is the most unique class we have taken so far! We didn’t really know what to expect from this class, and it far surpassed our expectations!  The only knowledge we had of this class was from a “This Is Us” episode. All of you “This Is Us” fans out there probably remember the episode where Kate is in camp, and she takes a class where she is “pounding” on the ground with drumsticks.  See YouTube clip here.  Well, this is a piece of what we did!

When we first entered the gym, we were greeted by one of our co workers who recommended we try the class. We are so happy she did! Kathy highly recommended this class. She told us how much fun it was and how much it worked all parts of her body. We were excited to try it out with her! We had to fill out a quick form (just informational stuff), and were set to go into class. We entered the room and were told to set up our mats, grab a set of Ripstix, and an exercise ball.  One of us had that “mom brain” thing again, and forgot our mat! Remember to bring a mat! LOL. Luckily, the one instructor had an extra mat in her car, and let us borrow it for the class. Phew! Once we were all set up, the class took off with a bang! They explained how the class was broken up, and also that they would provide modifications for all exercises. It was a mother-daughter duo who were the instructors, and boy, were they amazing! The energy they had was uncanny, and the way they fed off of each other was so entertaining! It made us think about the future with our daughters, and if we would ever be given the opportunity to work so closely with them.  It is definitely a relationship to strive for, so we really hope so!

The room was set up like a normal group fitness room, with mirrors bordering the outside, and it also had a stage, where the duo taught.  The stage added an extra element of piece of mind because we could watch their every move, in the instances we were lost… and there were definitely those times we lost the beat! But we laughed it off together!  However, getting into the rhythm was not as hard as we had originally thought. It was as though we were feeling the beat in our souls, and just going with it. Aside from a great workout, it was very therapeutic.  In order to keep up with the beat, you really had to let go of everything else in your mind. We’ve mentioned many times before that this is so important for us working moms. Working out is a priority for us, and when we are also able to clear our minds and focus on ourselves, that is an added bonus.

As you saw in the clip above, Kate was pounding on the ground, while seated, this is only part of what we encountered.  We got a full body workout, with added cardio. The exercises consisted of lunges, squats, and core work, with the addition of pounding to the beat. Here is one more clip showing what a typical Pound class is like.

There is one thing that really stuck with us.  Halfway through the class, the one instructor made a statement, which we believe was the quote of the day.  She said, “Listen to your body, and go at your own pace. If anyone is looking at you, they are rude!” And this could not be more true!  On our workout journey, we are trying many different classes, gyms, and studios, many that we have never experienced before. It can be very intimidating to not know what you are doing and what to expect, so this was very reassuring to us!  We are trying to instill in our children that judgement is unacceptable, and everyone is trying their best. Working out is a journey, and not everyone is at the same stage. Mind your own business. Enjoy what you are doing. And most importantly, have fun!

This class fits the mold for the working mom.  It is only 45 minutes long, on a Saturday at 9:30 am, and works out your whole body!  Our arms are sore, legs are sore, and core is sore! We like the saying “Sore today, Strong tomorrow” and that is how we feel after this class! Thank you for having us! We will definitely be back to pound it out with you soon! Be sure to check out Club EZ Fit for more classes and services offered.


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