Goat Yoga – Water and Rock Studio


Name: Water and Rock Studio

Location: Mountain Pride Farm in Quakertown, PA

Exercise Type: Yoga… with freaking goats!

Place: Farm

Day of the Week: Sunday

Time: 9:00 AM

Length of Class: 60 min (the actual practice was probably 50 minutes and 10 minutes to socialize with the goats)

Price: $20 – a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the goat farmers.

What to Wear: T-shirt/tank top; leggings/shorts

What to Bring: Water; towel; mat

What is Provided: Goats…

Level of Experience: All levels seen throughout the class

Gender Majority: Female

Age Group: Various; all ages seen in class

Goat Yoga… who knew this was a thing?? Everyone we mentioned this to asked, “Wait, the goats will be running around freely, while you are practicing yoga?”  The concept is hard for some to grasp, but let us explain to you how awesome it was! It was early Sunday morning, the both of us had been out drinking the night before (one of us was partying like a rockstar, que Shop Boyz 2007 song), we didn’t have much motivation to get out of bed that morning (even though our kids make it very hard to sleep in), but we did it for the goats!

When we first arrived, we were greeted by Dawn, the yoga instructor.  She had us fill out some waiver forms, you know… in case we get kicked or bitten by one of the adorable baby goats! Spoiler alert: they were so sweet!! No one got bit or kicked by these amazing animals; we understand it though… cover your a**, or hiney as we call it at home. Before class started, we were just looking into the pen where the goats were playing.  They were so funny the way they frolicked around, and made the cutest little sounds! However, one of them must not have been too happy and kept letting out this screeching sound… we had thought we’d escaped crying for the morning, but the crying goats had taken our kids’ place. Isn’t it ironic that baby goats are also called “kids”?

Once 9:00 am approached, we were instructed to enter the fenced in area where the goats were held. If we had to guess, we’d say there were about 10 goats – mainly babies, but some adults. We don’t know much about goats, but we were surprised by how friendly they were to humans. Of course, they really only came near you if you had hay to feed them.  Have you ever made yourself a delicious snack, and you go to sit down and enjoy it, and you have two small (usually sticky) hands reaching to get your food, all while staring wide-eyed at you to see what you have? This is how we felt with the goats and their hay! We loved every second of it!

As Dawn proceeded with class, she told us that this class was for us. This was a step in the right direction of feeling free because we could make of it what we wanted, and we could be ourselves. The goal of goat yoga (or yoga in general) is to let go of any negative and toxic energy, and replace it with feelings of euphoria, but we know that is not always possible in mom life. We really need to focus on the end goal, because you get out of it what you put into it.  In the beginning of our practice, Dawn asked us what our goal for today’s practice was, and one of us (the rockstar of our duo) said “to not throw up.” LOL life before kids at its finest, and such a great goal!

Anyway, back to goat yoga.  It really has it all. If we wanted to practice yoga, we followed along, but if we wanted to sit down and enjoy the goats, that was completely acceptable.  Mainly everyone in the class, approximately 35-40 people, practiced, but everyone stopped to cuddle the goats when they came near. Who doesn’t love a baby goat?

The class had great flow that was easy to follow, and would be perfect for people just getting into yoga. You could tell that Dawn was very knowledgeable, and really enjoyed teaching and practicing yoga. She was also very positive! We also really enjoyed the fact that the class was outside, minus the little bugs that seemed to take over our mats. There is something to be said about the fresh air all around and the sun shining down, which is amazing in itself since it has been raining for an entire week straight! It was peaceful, serene. Being outside allowed us to change up our routine and let loose.  We didn’t critique ourselves or look around to see what others were doing. We were focused on ourselves and those sweet little goats! Two words come to mind when reflecting on our first goat yoga experience… pure happiness. Everyone was smiling, laughing, and having so much fun! It was very therapeutic. If you are an animal lover, like us, this class is for you!

Thank you for having us!  We are looking forward to coming back to cuddle some goats with you soon! Be sure to check out Water and Rock Studio for more information and classes offered.



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