Hip Hop Barre – Rise Barre & Fitness


Name: Rise Barre & Fitness

Location: Springhouse, PA

Exercise Type: Hip Hop Barre

Place: Studio

Day of the Week: Wednesday

Time: 7:00 PM

Length of Class: 75 min

Price: $30; $25 for unlimited members 

What to Wear: T-shirt/tank top; leggings; barre socks (sticky socks)

What to Bring: Water; towel (optional)

What is Provided: Mats, weights, balls, bands, etc.

Level of Experience: Level 3 (Advanced Level)

Gender Majority: Women

Age Group: Various; all ages seen in class

**Prerequisite: 10 Rise barre classes

On Wednesday night, we took our first ever Hip Hop Barre class at Rise with Julia. This class is a special series (check Rise for other dates and times offered), that combines elements of barre and hip hop dancing.  We left feeling sweaty, energized, and wanting to come back for more!  

We were very anxious about this class because neither one of us felt like we could dance like we used to when we were in our early 20s.  We remember the good ‘ole days before kids, when we would go out for the night around 11:00 PM to our favorite bar, drink way too much, and dance our little booty’s off until all hours of the night!  No wonder we used to be so skinny! We burned so many calories in Julia’s class, and it didn’t even feel like it because we were having so much fun. Her playlist alone brought back nostalgic memories of our youth (when did we get so old?!).  It was simply amazing – old school rap and hip hop music had everyone moving and singing along. Who doesn’t like a good Pitbull song?! The one that has explicit lyrics that we can’t listen to anymore because of the little ears surrounding us… That’s the one we are talking about!

Julia is the perfect fit as the instructor, due to her a background in dance and choreography.  Her dance routines were very well thought out and planned, and were easy to follow along (with her coaching us through it).  She was very motivating, encouraging, and welcoming. Before class even started she tried to put our anxieties to rest by saying she doesn’t even notice how anyone looks while they are dancing. This was reassuring. Nowadays, we only ever dance at home, most likely to Disney movie soundtracks.  No advanced moves required for that! Julia was constantly walking around the room, helping us out with our form, offering modifications, and even cracking jokes here and there. You could tell that she was very prepared, as she was able to walk us through each and every move, and give us a heads up as to what to expect next.

The class consisted of a normal barre routine – warm up, arms, thighs, glutes, calves, and abs – but it also had three dance segments. The dance segments were scattered throughout the class, which was a nice break from the barre exercises.  Julia added a dance flare to most of the barre exercises and stretches too, which was really a great way to incorporate the hip hop vibes we were all feeling. We also really enjoyed this because it mixed it up from the normal exercises. There were a total of two dances.  We did them each once, at separate parts of the class, and then at the end we did them back to back. We didn’t think we were going to remember the routine, but we did! It was not as hard as we had originally thought. We had the hang of it by the end, and we were really sad to go!  When Julia said class was over, we wanted to do the dance one last time. When we got home, we even showed our husbands some of our new moves!

All in all, rest be assured… you do not have to have a dance background to take this class.  There were more of us in the class that did not have dancing experience, than those who actually did. Everyone was in the same boat, and that was comforting!  We could hear the conversations before class, along the lines of, “I can’t dance.” I am going to look stupid.” No one looked stupid. We can say that with confidence because everyone was so concerned with themselves that they didn’t notice what anyone else was doing.  The only person everyone was watching was Julia, who was flawless in her every move. One of our barre friends, who had previously taken the class, told us that in her head she imagined herself looking like Julia when she was dancing. We couldn’t agree more, and we pretended the same thing during class.  It made us feel better about ourselves!

After our Hip Hop Barre experience, we have one suggestion. Offer a shot of vodka to every client as they are walking into class… that would loosen us all up and take away some nerves!  Could you imagine the dance moves we’d come up with?? We’re kidding about the vodka… We really only drink after a long hard day dealing with the kids, which is every day 🙂

Thank you to Julia and Rise for having us!  We can’t wait to come back and dance with you again. We might or might not have been practicing the dances at home, and we’ll be ready for you next time!  If you haven’t checked out classes at Rise, you should.  They are all amazing, and we know you will think so too!  If you currently take classes at Rise (at least 10), we highly recommend Julia’s Hip Hop class. Do it. You won’t regret it. Your body will thank you for all of the calories you will burn, and you might even learn a move or two to break out next time you’re at that family wedding.

Go to our YouTube channel to check out a clip from the class.


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