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Name: Core Power Yoga

Location: North Wales, PA

Exercise Type: Core Power Yoga 1 (C1)

Place: Studio

Day of the Week: Wednesday

Time: 7:00 PM

Length of Class: 60 min

Price: Free week of unlimited classes for new customers; packages available

What to Wear: T-shirt/tank top; leggings

What to Bring: Water, towel, mat

What is Provided: Blocks

Level of Experience: All levels

Gender Majority: Women

Age Group: Various; all ages seen in class

This was our second time visiting Core Power Yoga this week (we are trying to get our money’s worth due to their free week of unlimited classes!), and it was every bit as great as the first.  We decided to try out the C1 class because it hit the fundamental principles of vinyasa yoga, and that is something we need to strengthen our practice as we are becoming more familiar with yoga.  This class is also a power yoga class, which means the poses weren’t held as long, and we quickly moved to the next one. We really like this about power yoga because we are so used to going, going, going! As moms, it is rare that we get a quiet minute to ourselves.  

We wanted to get the full yoga experience, and this class did just that! Jamie was the instructor and she was awesome.  She showed us the proper way to do the poses, helped us get into form, and massaged us with essential oils to loosen up our muscles. Our husbands need to take note. She gave us the option in the beginning of class as to whether we wanted her to help us or not, or if we wanted to be left alone in our practice.  These mamas welcomed the massages! It is crazy how tight and knotted our muscles can get. We attribute most of it to stress. Do any of you have any stress relief tips? We welcome all suggestions!

Class started out pretty similar to the Hot Power Fusion class we had previously taken. We started off slow in child’s pose, paid attention to our breaths, and thought of our intentions for the class.  Jamie’s intention was to focus on self care. She said we could either use her intention or come up with our own. We thought this was a great intention, so we went with hers. As moms, self care is usually one of the first things to go. We have so many other things on our minds and lots more to worry about.  Did I forget to feed the cats this morning? Did I take the chicken out for dinner? When was the last time I went to the dentist? Ugh, when was the last time I got a pedicure (as we look down at our bare feet during class)? The questions just keeping popping into our minds. As we were reflecting on this, we realized that we need to take care of ourselves if we want to be the best moms we can be and take care of our kids. Great intention, Jamie!  We are going to use this one going forward.

After our intention, we quickly moved into our first vinyasa flow. Throughout the class, we would say we did about 20 of these, mixed in with other yoga poses – warrior I & II, reverse warrior, bridge, camel, tree, and bow, to name a few. Jamie also gave us the opportunity to practice our crow pose. This is something we got to practice on Monday too, and we think we are getting better! In our heads we are, at least LOL.  Jamie came over and helped spot us, because one of the biggest things holding people back from mastering this pose is the fear of falling forward on your face. We must admit, that knowing she was there to catch us, made us a little more adventurous. One of our daughters is in a swim class, and is so afraid to jump into the pool while standing. It is a similar feeling to how we feel about crow. Fear of the unknown. Will I fall?  Will someone catch me? We get it now. We feel you, baby girl!

This class is perfect for the working mom. Class was only an hour from 7:00 – 8:00 PM, which is a good time of night for us working moms. We are not sure if it is always like this, but the class was on the smaller side which allowed for extra attention from the instructor. It is perfect for someone who isn’t as experienced in yoga, and if you are experienced, it gave the instructor the opportunity to help you deepen your poses.  The location of the studio is also advantageous. We didn’t do this, but there are so many places to take out food after class to bring home for a later dinner with our husbands – Harvest, Iron Hill Brewery, Jules Pizza, and Trader Joe’s! Our husbands are definitely more supportive of our constant working out when their belly’s are full.

Thank you for having us! We are looking forward to coming back and taking another class with you.  Check out Core Power Yoga – North Wales for other classes offered! We have one more class we are trying out this weekend, so check back in with us for one more review of Core Power Yoga!

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