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We felt like we were missing something in our lives, so we revisited CycleBar North Wales on Monday night (you can see our original write-up here), and we are obsessed!  Spinning is something we have done on occasion, but never really understood the proper technique until our first class at CycleBar. The most important thing we learned is that it is all about riding to the beat of the music, which really helps get us on pace.  The instructor told us that if we felt off pace to just close our eyes, listen to the beat of the music, and we would get back on track. We didn’t believe her, until we tried it and it worked! Sometimes we wish we could close our eyes and our kids would magically be bathed, in their PJs, teeth brushed, and in bed.  Can we figure out a way to make that happen?

Jenna was our instructor this time, and she was just as awesome as our first instructor.  One thing that instantly caught our eyes is that she is 8 months pregnant! We all need to bow down to her because she is simply amazing. She is every mama’s dream – fit, happy, and pregnant!  There were times during the class where we were tired and wanted to give up, but we looked over at Jenna and said to ourselves, “She is pregnant and killing it! You have to keep going, you have no excuse!”  In previous posts, we had mentioned how we both worked out well into a 3rd trimesters, and we can’t recommend doing this enough (obviously, only if you are able). We were able to bounce back quicker, and had a much healthier pregnancy overall – mentally and physically.

The class was constructed in a similar manner as the first class.  We liked this because we kind of knew what to expect. We aren’t going to lie… we were dying at some parts – specifically when we had the resistance up to its highest and we were in the saddle – but Jenna’s class was built to give breaks when breaks were needed.  Just when we thought we couldn’t keep riding, Jenna switched it up to an arm series. Phew! We weren’t able to stop pedaling completely, but we took the resistance almost all the way off so we could catch our breaths.  Jenna was really motivating and kept reminding us that we could do it and to keep powering through.

The energy in her class was unbelievable. Everyone looked like they were having a great time! If we closed our eyes, it felt like we were dancing in the club, like we did in our early 20’s, before kids! Ahh those were the days! The room was dark and had different color uplighting, that seemed to switch with every song. The music was loud, the bass was strong. We were feeling the music, and we loved every second of it! At home we normally listen to kids music, maybe some country, so the upbeat music was a great change of pace.  There is something to be said about a great playlist; it is motivating in itself.

Unlike the first class we took (Sunday at 9 AM) at Cyclebar, this class was on a weeknight at 7 PM.  It was still 45 minutes long, and perfect for the working mom’s schedule. We arrived 10-15 minutes prior, got our shoes, got situated on our bikes, and we were done at 7:45 PM.  The calories burned in 45 minutes can not be disputed either! The time of night was perfect because we were home in enough time to kiss our kids goodnight. We recommend trying out this class, it is such a great workout! Your body will thank you because you will be able to have that extra slice of pizza this week.  Thank you for having us! We can’t wait to come back and spin with you soon!

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