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Can you believe it? My wife bribed me into another “couples barre” class with promises of drinks and candy after. Neither of those promises came true, and now my triceps feel like they were ripped off my arms, twisted into pretzels, and re-attached. Not only does she think it’s funny that I cannot pick up our 2 year old daughter without wincing in pain, but she has also been telling me since Friday night that my form and style were well below her standards. Like, what does that even mean?!

This past Friday night started like any other Friday, all until my wife “reminded me” (although I’m fairly certain she never told me, or as she likes to say I didn’t listen) that we had plans. Great, I’m always up for a date night, but this isn’t what I had in mind. We arrived at Rise just before 7:00 PM, and I had pit in my stomach.  I tried to convince myself that maybe I caught a bug from our daughter, and it would be bad for my health to take the class. My wife told me to “man up,” and we proceeded to walk inside.

I was one of twelve people in Ali’s class, six of which were men. Interestingly enough, two of the couples in the class were on their anniversary; they must really love their wives. The class started with a warm up; Ok this isn’t so bad. Then came a seemingly mild arm workout.  Oh wait, why not turn it up a notch and squat on our tip toes (or as my wife says relevé – what the hell does that even mean!) for 10 straight minutes, while holding 2 lb. weights in front of us, out to the side, and over our heads? Our arms hang straight down for a reason, ladies! And to make it worse, my wife kept looking over at me, smirking, and telling me I’m not allowed to drop my arms.

Thighs were next. Ok, I have this. I run a couple times a week, so I must fairly strong legs, right? Wrong!!! Twenty minutes later, I am dripping in sweat, and my legs are shaking so hard that I lost my balance a couple of times. Ali kept telling me to keep going, but seriously, is she trying to torture me? Finally, the last series is coming up. A nice easy, easy is a relative term, ab workout before this madness ends.  Then I remembered, I have to bend over to put my shoes back on after class ends. I don’t think I can move. The least my wife can do is put them on for me! No chance of that happening. I might hear “man up” again.

Being a good husband sometimes means being supportive.  Ali’s couples barre class is either going to kill me, or completely get rid of the flab in the center of my stomach. But no matter what, I will always support my wife in her hobbies and endeavors.  I must admit, it was a great workout, so I see why she keeps going back. Good luck to all of those husbands supporting their wives by going to couple barre. The first class is the hardest. I will be practicing for next time.


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