Pound – Club EZ Fit (Revisit)


We went back to perfect our rockstar status with the amazing mother-daughter duo at Club EZ Fit.  This time we were lucky enough to experience a 60 minute Pound workout, instead of the 45 minute one we took previously (Pound).  That extra 15 minutes really helped us achieve our rockstar repertoire, and the extra calories we burned was a win too!  They had an updated playlist, infused with some Halloween tunes, to get us in the spirit for Halloween, and to help us burn extra calories so we can eat more candy and not feel as guilty.  Is it bad that we raid our kids trick-or-treating candy? Come on, you all do it too!!

If you have not checked out Pound yet, put it on your list! We had SO much fun, and the instructors are so energetic it makes the negativity just melt away.  The New Year is right around the corner (scary, isn’t it?!), so make it your New Year’s resolution! It will definitely be beneficial to pound out all of your frustration and anxiety once you see your credit card bill from the holidays.  Should we also mention that with the holidays, comes all that yummy food we will be consuming? Chasing after your kiddos won’t burn all of those calories, mamas! Think about it and get to a class right away. Happy pounding (and eating)!

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