Workout of the Day – Nex Level Fitness (Chalfont)

Name: Nex Level Fitness

Location: Chalfont, PA

Instructor: Andrew

Exercise Type: WOD (Workout of the Day) – so pretty much every single part of your body will be sore the next few days lol. Exercises included sprints, sled pushes, medicine ball tosses, pull ups, weighted lunges, and burpees, to name a few. All of the exercises were doable because there were several modifications offered.  There were some we struggled with, like the pull-ups, but we hung (pun intended) in there.

One fun element at the beginning of class was a spin on Rock, Paper, Scissors.  We were instructed to get a partner and play a game (moms love games) – Bear, Ninja, and Hunter. We were back to back with our partner doing jumping jacks, when Andrew yelled stop, we jumped around and threw up a bear claw, a shooting motion for the hunter, or ninja motion. (Bear eats Ninja, Ninja kills Hunter, Hunter kills Bear). We must say that we had a really hard time remembering this… mom brain again! Whoever was the first person in the whole class to get to 3 points, got to choose a song for the next class.  We saw how many regulars were in the class by how excited they were about this. We could hear the chitter chatter about what song this person would choose, and which song the next person would choose. You can really tell how great a fitness place is when they have a lot of recurring clients. It seemed like they were a big happy family! We were a little intimidated at first because we felt out of the loop, but Andrew did a great job of keeping an eye on us and helping us when we needed it. We also had a barre friend with us, who has taken the class before, so she showed us the ropes!

Place: Fitness center

Day of the Week: Wednesday

Time: 7:00 PM

Price: First week of classes are FREE; Variety of packages and memberships available; Drop in $20

What to Wear: T-shirt/tank top; leggings/shorts; sneakers

What to Bring: Water; towel;

What is Provided: weights, rowing machines, medicine balls, etc.

Level of Experience: All levels seen throughout the class

Gender Majority: Pretty equal mix

Age Group: Various; a mix of ages seen in class. We are in our early 30’s and would say we were on the younger side.

Welcoming: Yes! We were greeted at the front desk, asked to fill out some paperwork, and given a quick tour of the place.

Cleanliness: Yes!

Unique Features: At the end of class, when we were stretching, Andrew had another game for us. He played three songs (clips, not the whole song), told us each song was from the same year, and asked us to identify which year.  He told us to get into groups of 4, and give a guess. Our group was WAY off. We can’t remember the first song, but it was a Barbara Striesand song, the second was “Hooked on a Feeling”, and the third was “Benny and the Jets.”  Somehow we guessed like 1990-something, because we were skewed from the Ally McBeal  dancing baby song , which made us nostalgic and prompted one of us to show our toddler daughter the video on YouTube.  BIG mistake. “Dancing baby, mommy!” Is what we have been hearing for days. In the end, we didn’t win… We aren’t even sure what the prize was, but we had fun coming up with guesses amongst ourselves because we love competition.

Thank you so much for having us! We can’t wait to come back! If you haven’t checked out Nex Level – Chalfont  you should! There are so many classes offered, you will be guaranteed to find one you like.   


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