Life Before and After Babies


What was life like before babies? For us, it consisted of sleeping, going out to eat – lots of brunches, happy hours in the city, going to the bar at crazy hours of the night – usually with a pregame starting around 9:00 PM and heading to the bar at 11:00 PM (we still aren’t sure how we did this!), going to concerts, tailgating, renting shore houses with our friends, being single, etc.

It’s sometimes hard for us to imagine life before babies because they are such an integral piece of our lives now. When we aren’t with our kids, whether it be for a few hours, or if we’re lucky, a vacation, we find ourselves feeling like something is missing.  What do you mean I don’t have to cut up food right now? Isn’t there a diaper to be changed, or a nose to wipe? Is that what quiet sounds like?

What was life like before kids for you? What do you miss? Are you happy about leaving some parts of your old life behind?  We miss being able to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. That is one thing that we took for granted. After kids, most things need to be planned. Do we have a babysitter? What if one of the kids are sick, will we have to cancel? Before babies, we only had to worry about ourselves.  

The part we are happy to leave in the past is partying all night! Those times were SO much fun, but we can’t hang like we used to. Last spring, we took a trip up to Penn State for the weekend, and we discovered how old we really were!  Aside from being called “women” by random college boys, these moms forgot how late “kids” stay out, and how early they want to start partying the next day! Are they serious? We might throw up. This was eye-opening. The worst part… we left on Sunday morning, very hungover, and we had to take care of tiny humans when we got home. It kind of takes the fun out of the partying! What we would have given to be able to lay on the couch all day and not be bothered.  Don’t grow up kids, it’s no fun.

As a tribute to Thanksgiving Eve, when we used to be cool and go to the bars,  we wanted to share these pictures with you – pre and post kids! Can you tell which one is which? LOL  Enjoy the laughs! We’d love to see some of your pre and post kids pictures – post them and tag us!

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