Friday Fitness Tip – Plan Ahead

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This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to plan a workout schedule and stick to it! We found that planning ahead really helps keep us on track and holds us accountable. We set aside time each month to plan out an exercise schedule. Once we have our schedule, we collaborate with one another and our families to make sure these times and days work for everyone involved.  As we have said before, we need the help of our husbands and family members in order for us to be able to exercise. Sometimes we have to choose the times and days that aren’t ideal (i.e. a 7:45 AM or an 8:00 PM class) because they work best for our families. For us, it doesn’t really matter what time of day we go, it just matters that we keep up our routines and healthy lifestyles. What are some ways you have found to schedule workout times?

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