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Name: Rise Barre & Fitness

Location: Springhouse, PA

Exercise Type: Rise & Restore – it was a 60 minute barre class (see link to other post here describing a barre class) with 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after of long stretching, a few yoga poses, breathing exercises, and all around calmness – something every mama needs!

Place: Studio

Instructor: Megan – we love taking Meg’s classes because we always know we are going to get a great workout (look below to see how many calories we burned!).  She is so strong and makes everything look so easy, so we push ourselves a little harder to keep up.  We would love to be as strong as her one day!

Day of the Week: Sunday – perfect beginning (or ending depending on how you look at it) to your week! This class is not offered as part of their weekly schedule, so check RISE Barre & Fitness for their next scheduled class.

Time: 9:00 -10:30 AM

Price: $30; $25 for unlimited members

What to Wear: T-shirt/tank top; leggings; barre (sticky) socks

What to Bring: Water; towel

What is Provided: Mats, weights, bands, balls, etc.

Level of Experience: All levels seen throughout the class

Gender Majority: Female

Age Group: Various; a mix of ages seen in class. We are in our early 30’s and would say we were somewhere in the middle age-wise.

Welcoming: Extremely. The women at the front desk always greet everyone by name, and introduces themselves to the newcomers. Also, every instructor introduces themselves to new clients before class starts.

Cleanliness: Yes! After class everyone is prompted to wipe down all of their equipment and space at the barre.  There are also several places with hand sanitizers. If anyone knows either of us, we are freaks about clean hands, so this is a “win” for us! No germs, please!

Unique Features: This class in general was unique! As we mentioned above, in addition to a 60 minute barre workout, there were elements of stretching, yoga, and breathing exercises.  When we first entered, we immediately spotted a diffuser and smelled lavender, and it was dimly lit with candles. It felt serene and calming. Meg started off class with breathing exercises, something we really need to focus on as moms. There are so many times in our lives when we have to remind ourselves to BREATH. Class ended with more breathing and everyone was given a frozen lavender towel. This was AMAZING. It was the mini facial we were craving, and the one we never have time to get. Husbands, take a note, Christmas is right around the corner!

We recommend any mom, wife, daughter, friend, and whoever else might need some R&R, take this class! With our busy lives, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. This class is the perfect balance of a challenging barre class and breathing, stretching, and restoring. After class was over, we reflected on our experience and both decided a nap would have been the perfect addition! A mom can dream…

Thank you so much for having us! We can’t wait to come back and do it again.  If you haven’t checked out RISE Barre & Fitness you should! You won’t be disappointed in your experience or the results you see.  

rise watch.jpeg

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