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Name: Revolve Athletics

Location: New Britain, PA

Exercise Type: CrossFit – class consisted of a pretty great warm-up, where we did lunges, squats, bear crawls, etc. Next, Collin walked us through a few rounds of exercises to get our form down for deadlifting. Once we had this down, he had us practice overhead presses. We then put them together.  He next instructed us to grab a box, lighter weights (we grabbed 10-15 lbs for each arm) and we practiced step-ups with the weights. The last exercise we did was jumping rope. Normally, we would think we had this in the bag, but we know from a previous class that jumping rope is SO HARD! Instead of bringing back nostalgic thoughts from our youth at recess, it brought back thoughts of “Oh sh*t!”  

After we knew how to do each station, we put them together and did them in rotation for 30 minutes. Each exercise was harder than the next, but also helped us recover from the following one, if that makes sense. You could tell that Collin strategically planned out each exercise and the order they followed. We should take a page out of his book and plan exercises for our kids to tired them out!

Place: Gym – there was a smaller studio in the back of the gym where the class was held. It was a decent sized space, for the amount of people in the class.  We would say there were about 8 people there.

Instructor: Collin he did a great job of explaining to us how to do each exercise and gave one on one attention when needed.

Day of the Week: Saturday – this was also the Saturday after Thanksgiving so we were ready to work off all of those extra calories!

Time: 9:00 -10:00 AM – perfect time for moms! We get to start our workout early, and we are still home in enough time for family time. Lucky for one of us, we had a fun-filled day of errands – Target, Costco, Giant, you name it! Running errands with a toddler is fun…

Price: First 2 weeks FREE; membership details available on

What to Wear: T-shirt/tank top; leggings;sneakers

What to Bring: Water; towel (optional)

What is Provided: weights, jump ropes, and any other prop needed.

Level of Experience: All levels seen throughout the class

Gender Majority: Female

Age Group: Various; a mix of ages seen in class. We are in our early 30’s, and would say we were the majority.

Welcoming: Yes. Collin came up immediately, introduced himself to us and asked if we had any areas of concern.

Cleanliness: Yes.  There were a few places with hand sanitizer, and the equipment we were using looked pretty clean. Our suggestion to is have everyone wipe down the equipment they use after class. You know we hate germs!

Thank you for having us! We really feel like we can do this class again and have the form down! Be sure to check out Revolve Athletics for other classes and memberships offered.  


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