Friday Fitness Tip – Start Out Slow


This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to start out slow, and not to strive for perfection.  We’ve found that when we set unrealistic expectations, we typically fail. We put way too much stress on ourselves by trying to figure out how to achieve certain goals, and in the end, it’s not worth it. Start out slow, and do what you can. If you are just getting into exercising, or maybe you took a break and are starting again, or maybe you have a routine that just isn’t working for you, start slow. What are some achievable goals for you? For us, we strive to workout anywhere from 3-4 times a week, so a realistic goal for us is 2-3 times a week and any extra day is a bonus.  An unachievable goal for us would be if we tried to exercise 5 times a week, 1) we’d be super stressed trying to figure out how to fit this into our hectic lives, and 2) we’d probably fail or be so stressed that we missed out on something else important. Believe us, we have learned this the hard way.

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