Navigating Through the Holidays


This is the most wonderful time of the year, right?  Well, yes and no. While I love the holiday season, I also hate all of the stress and anxiety that comes with it. Did I get all of my Christmas shopping done? Did I forget anyone? What about the Christmas cards? Is anyone going to feel left out if we don’t see them on Christmas? How much weight am I going to gain over the holidays (you know I can’t resist the appetizers and wine)? Will I still have time to workout?

I am sure I am not alone in my thoughts and concerns, except for maybe the last one… I mean who the hell is concerned with working out in the winter? Big, cozy, sweaters were invented for a reason, right?  HA! So how does one deal with all of these negative thoughts? Some days I feel like I should just let it go and deal with everything after the holiday season, but the Type A person that I am, cannot do that.  I need to be in control at all times.  I get really stressed out when the plans change, or if I make a mistake.  I have a HUGE spreadsheet that lists every person I need to buy presents for, and everyone that will receive a Christmas card. My husband and I strategically plan out where we are going for the holidays and who we are seeing. And since I have some time off of work during the holidays, I will also be planning when I can get to my workouts! I can’t forget the workouts… more exercising = more wine, am I right?

I am sure there are many people like me, but I know there are also a ton of people who would look at me and say RELAX!  Will I ever be that person who can just relax and go with the flow? Maybe, if I popped enough Xanax (kidding).

What do I love about the holidays? Well, contrary to what I said above, I love spending time with family. I love seeing my daughter’s eyes widespread by the overabundance of presents she receives. I must admit that I go a little overboard, but she deserves all of it!  I love sitting on the couch at night with my husband and looking at our beautifully decorated Christmas tree. I love teaching my daughter the real meaning of Christmas, as I show her our Nativity set – “No, don’t touch baby Jesus!” is usually what I end up saying to her. I love giving gifts (I also love receiving them, just ask my husband how long my list is!).  All of these things make the holiday season worth it year after year. I have learned to take the good with the bad. I am trying to control my stress and anxiety, and one year… I will have it down!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday!

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