Yoga Sculpt – Core Power Yoga (Revisit)

Last Sunday at 9:00 AM, we went back to Core Power Yoga and took the Yoga Sculpt class again… and we are so happy we did!  This holiday season has been rough on us so far, between all of the Christmas shopping and dealing with endless sickness in our houses, so we were very thankful for an amazing full body workout.  When we entered the studio, we were warmly welcomed by the instructor, Michelle, and quickly took our spots in class. This class seems to be really popular (and we can see why), so we wanted to grab a good spot before they all filled up. If you are a new client, make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early to fill out the necessary forms, get the tour, and get a great spot.

As we waited for class to start, we reflected on our previous experience and questioned whether it would be the same.  If you remember our first visit (see post here), we raved about how strong Michelle’s ab workouts were. Well, she didn’t disappoint, and killed our abs (in a good way).  It is now several days later and we are still feeling the effects.  If we took this class a few times a week, we know we’d have abs of steel!  

Michelle also incorporated a Christmas theme to the class (see pictures of the 12 days of Christmas exercises). We did the 12 days of Christmas exercises for one full song, and we were dying. Whenever you see “burpees” in the mix, you know you are in for it!  We followed the boxes from 12 down to 1, and then kept doing them until the song ended. This was a cool element to the class because you went at your own pace. All levels were seen throughout the class, so this was perfect. We were so focused on what we were doing, that we didn’t even get a chance to look around the room.

12 Days of Christmas

By the end of class we felt strong, tired, and rejuvenated all at the same time!  Class ended at 10, and we were ready to start the day with our family. Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, doing laundry, making lunches… all of it. We wished we could take the class again to delay our motherly duties for the day.  

If you haven’t checked out Michelle’s yoga sculpt class at Core Power Yoga – North Wales, do it! Your abs will thank you. Most mamas feel like abs muscles are the hardest to get back post-baby, but we promise you that Michelle will tone your abs just like they were pre-baby.

Thank you for having us, Michelle! We will be back soon!

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