Friday Fitness Tip – Celebrate Small Wins

This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to celebrate your small wines! Oops, I mean wins, but why not celebrate with wine?  Is it bad that every time I go to type “win” I automatically type “wine”? I must be feeling the Friday vibes after a long week!  Anyway…

When thinking in terms of fitness, what are some of your small wins?  We polled a few of our followers for some examples. Do any of these apply to you too?

  • Exercising 3 times a week
  • Holding a 2 minute plank
  • Exercising before work
  • Exercising after work
  • Beating calories burned goal
  • Being able to do one pull-up
  • Being able to do 10 push-ups without dropping to your knees

It is very important to celebrate small wins. These are personal achievements that you should be very proud to celebrate! Personally speaking, we usually notice the mistakes that we make, and ignore the small victories.  Why are we so hard on ourselves? Sometimes we think it is because we are expected to achieve certain goals.

Here are a few ways to celebrate your small wins:

  1. Notice them. Who cares how small you or someone else might think your small wins are, you will be happier if you notice them.
  2. Get excited. Be proud of yourself!
  3. Communicate them. Yes, it is OK to brag!
  4. Live in the moment. Enjoy the celebration. Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking of other goals to achieve.
  5. Reward yourself. Have that extra slice of pizza or another glass of wine, buy yourself a new pair of sneakers… you deserve it! Keep up the good work!

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6 thoughts on “Friday Fitness Tip – Celebrate Small Wins

  1. I really liked some of the tips in this post. I’m starting to get back in shape, and these really resonate with me!

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