Why Doesn’t Mrs. Claus Get Any Credit?

Tis the season to be _______. (You fill in the blank.) Today I’m exhausted, but instead of thinking negatively about it like I normally do, as I was trying not to fall asleep as my toddler son was taking his bottle, my wheels were spinning about all that mamas do to make the holidays really amazing for their families. This is how it went down…

First, let me finish my rant. We had my holiday party Friday night, I got a little tipsy, and we went to bed late. Saturday morning my husband had to leave by 7:30 am to get his haircut so I was up by then too. Our kids don’t sleep in. My son had been up for a while already, hanging out with daddy. My daughter has a sleepover so at least it wasn’t that painful.

After his haircut, he rushed home so I could pick her up, dress her and get her to dance class by 10. After that I took her to get a present for her friend’s birthday party at 1 pm. I brought her home quickly and changed her to go to the party. We were quiet because daddy was napping with her brother. After the party ended we came home and I was freaking exhausted, but had more things to do. We had to go to Lowe’s because my husband was fixing something in our sink, and then get some dinner. I also got my daughter’s holiday dress. She had a concert the next day and I hadn’t shopped for their Christmas outfits yet. Feeling panicked that nothing would be left, I luckily found something. Then I had to find shoes next. Tomorrow.

I find myself completely exhausted, but then staying up late after the kids and hubby go to bed so I can have some peace and quiet. Maybe watch a show not on Disney Junior? I used to hang out and watch the holiday movies on the Hallmark channel. Hopefully my daughter will also be into them soon. I miss those happily ever after Christmas movies so much!

Well I went to bed late again on Saturday night, and was up early the next morning because my husband said, “Bryce’s up.” My turn, as my husband reminded me it was his turn to sleep in. Ugh. I’m so exhausted. I was stewing giving my son his bottle. I went to bed late! I was up early yesterday too! You had a NAP yesterday!!! Then I thought of all the things, little and big, that moms have to do to make the holidays the best they can for their families. It got me thinking…

Santa must be nothing without Mrs. Claus. I bet she’s the secret to his success. So cheers to all the mamas out there. You are kicking ass and taking names! You shopped, you made that holiday card that took some time, you got the Christmas outfits and made sure the kids looked amazing, you wrapped those gifts, you shopped some more, you made cookies, you wrapped some more, you shopped some more, you decorated the house and it looks fantastic, you worked, you took care of the kids, you cooked, did the laundry, emptied the dishwasher, got gifts for the teachers, etc. and did it with a smile on your face. You, too, are Mrs. Claus and getting no credit, but I’m giving it to you because you are amazing. Without you, the Christmas spirit would be lost. So cheers to you!!!!

Take a deep breathe and smile. You are amazing. We see you. We hear you. We feel your pain. May the magic of Christmas be in your children’s hearts because of you! Happy holidays!!!


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