Holiday Craziness Ruining Your Exercise Routine?

YES!  We have been feeling the not-so-great effects of the holiday season! Vacation, sickness, holiday shopping, holiday wrapping, making cookies, work stressors, more shopping, and more sickness. Ahh, can a mama catch a break?!  

Well, the only way we were able to cope and deal with all of the unexpected nonsense in our lives was to take a little break from visiting new studios.  We had to get a little creative to keep ourselves healthy and on track, whether that meant working out at home, going to the gym on our down time, or going to a familiar studio where we were guaranteed to get a great workout.  Once the holiday season is over, we plan to pick our new studio/gym visits again, and hopefully everything calms down.

The thought crossed our minds that maybe we should make a New Year’s Resolution, but opted against it.  Did you know that only 9.2% of New Year’s resolutions are successful? That is a WHOLE lot of ones that fail.  Why is it that they fail? It might be because we are setting too many expectations and unrealistic goals (see our Friday Fitness Tip – Start Out Slow  post to shine some light on this).  We are in it for the lifestyle change, not a resolution.  

Local followers, are there any places you want us to try out? Email or message us with any suggestions!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays!

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