Words of Wisdom From A Dietitian

Two weeks ago, I had my first appointment with a dietitian at Wholistics Fitness and Wellness for Women . It was an hour long session. The dietitian got my weight, and then we talked about my diet and eating behaviors. Lastly, we made some goals to work on.

  1. Drink 48-64 ounces of water (Friday Fitness Tip – Drink More Water Post)
  2. Track food
  3. Take a lunch
  4. Eat an afternoon snack
  5. Eat a healthy breakfast
  6. Drink a protein shake

Drinking water was never a problem when I was pregnant and breastfeeding. Now? Nada. Why? Well I’m sure I could give some good excuses, but I really don’t know. I guess I like coffee more. Sometimes I have two cups to last me throughout the day. I’ll drink some water with my lunch, so I guess I’m drinking about 16 ounces a day? I’ll drink more if I workout. In the morning, I drink a cup of tea and then at dinner, I usually have some Gatorade or some flavored drink like an Ice flavored water. I’m sure it’s very unhealthy for me, but the Ice flavored waters have helped me eliminate any soda I would add in my diet.  I like the carbonation. Also being a teacher, as some of you may know, the struggle is real to drink water while teaching all day and then trying to actually use the bathroom? Forget it. I asked the dietician if there were any tricks to help me drink more H2O- straw, no straw? Cold or room-temperature? She said it’s really all about setting yourself up for success. 64 ounces of water, or whatever your goal is, can be put into a pitcher at the start of the day and then you know that you need to drink that amount. She also stated that room-temperature water is the easiest for the body to digest.

Tracking my food, or journaling, is the surest way I can hold myself accountable for my food choices. The dietitian suggested the app My Fitness Pal, which is a free app. We went back and forth with actually doing this because she didn’t want to add more to my plate, which is already full with a full-time job and two little ones. She said if it became too much, I could write it down the old-fashion way. We will take a look at the data at my next appointment. She stated that this would play out in three different scenarios:

  1. Adding the food I ate throughout the day at night and trying to remember everything (probably not going to happen with everything else on my mind)
  2. Track as I eat (Future me: I go to type my “lunch” in my app then realize my son is climbing up the stairs because the gate wasn’t closed, get distracted by the dust bunnies on the steps and get the vacuum cleaner out, only to realize that I should probably vacuum the upstairs since we’re already up there, two hours later… yeah. That’s not going to happen)
  3. Give myself a little time in the morning or on Sunday to preset my days with what I plan to eat, and if I go off track then I add to it.

Being organized is key. *So far, Christmas week is not very successful. I’m journaling on a sheet of paper at night trying to remember how many cookies and chocolates I ate. Get these out of my house! I have no will power!!!*

Actually taking a lunch was not something I thought I was going to be setting as a goal. I sometimes think to myself that I need to eat less, skip breakfast or lunch (which I never actually do). I also feel pressed for time, so sometimes I actually don’t eat lunch because I don’t have time. Checking emails as I eat my lunch is also something I try to do, to squeeze everything in. I’m killing two birds with one stone, right?

Mindless eating was a new phrase I learned that night. Not actually thinking about what I’m eating and why. Not letting myself enjoy my food and allow myself to digest it. I’m going to try and get out of my classroom for a few minutes and eat my lunch while socializing with my peers. In addition, I’m going to try and do this with a quick morning and afternoon snack. That will be a challenge! Good thing I let my students snack too. 🙂

Planned snacks were not something I thought would be part of the conversation. I do naturally get hungry, and tend to snack throughout the day. I also let my students snack. I normally snack about 10 am and then again after the school day around 3:30 pm. I’m going to try and choose snacks that are a little healthier. For example, I usually mindlessly eat an apple in the car on my way to pick up my son from daycare in the afternoon. My new goal is to eat my apple and a few nuts at the end of the day when I catching up with my teaching assistant or other teachers. I already tried eliminating snack bars (Nature Valley Almond Butter bars- yum. I miss them!)

Eating a healthier breakfast was something I thought we would have as a goal. Right now my go to is a piece of toast with peanut butter and half a banana. This is not totally unhealthy, but I think the portion sizes may be off. The dietitian said that I should probably be eating two slices of bread, and making sure I’m only really eating a tablespoon of peanut butter. She suggested a more healthy breakfast like eggs on a bagel thin with some avocado. This will definitely be a challenging goal for me.

Lastly, we discussed adding a protein shake. When I get home from my late workouts or morning workouts on the weekend, I don’t want to eat a full meal. Protein shakes are perfect. There are two kinds: whey and plant-based. I chose a plant-based one, based off two ladies from a blog and workout empire I follow, Tone It Up! They sell the protein powder at Target. I added almond milk and a banana.

I went into this appointment with an open mind. In the end, I was reassured about a lot of knowledge I already have about eating healthy. I try my best to show my family how to eat healthy, and push my cooking onto them to taste test (as you know, I love to try Skinnytaste  recipes). I was also reminded that I need to forgive myself and know that the weight will eventually come off. We are in the thick of it with our little ones, and trying to balance our lives as full-time working parents. I was also reminded of my weight. I haven’t gotten on the scale and I know how my clothes have been fitting lately. Being medicated does not help. I’m not lost in the woods either! I’m on the path and I need to ease over the bumps, not let them get me off track. Here’s to step one in the process of changing my eating behaviors and diet!

Thank you for reading!


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4 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom From A Dietitian

  1. Great post thank you for sharing! I think this article is perfect for the upcoming year when people are trying to make healthier changes and goals!
    Also, it’s great to see these tips coming form someone who is actually qualified like yourself!

  2. Great post! mindless eating is something i struggle with. I’m a bored and stress eater. But if I try to stay mindful and end up realizing that I’m not really hungry and I actually realize that I’m thirsty lol. Sometimes the body does make you feel hungry when you really are needing some water.

    1. We agree completely! It is very easy to eat when you’re not hungry, and we are so guilty of that!

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