Bridge the Blueprint (Bridge The Gap Workouts, LLC)

Before we kickstarted our Christmas festivities, we hit Blueprint Brewing Company, and had an amazing full body cardio and strength training workout with Danielle from Bridge the Gap!  Now, if you follow us at all, you will know that we are not strangers to Danielle’s classes, but this was the first time we experienced the brewery workout.  We were not disappointed! The beer at the end made it that much sweeter too.

Danielle had 35ish stations set up, one for each person, where we spent one minute at each. The majority of them had some element of the brewery incorporated into them – bench pressing a keg, jumping over a crate, a static hold with a keg, tricep dips on barstools, and many more!

Some people even had their kids with them (another great element of working out with Danielle is that she lets you bring along your kids), and were using them as weights.  Lucky for us, we escaped our kids for the afternoon, but it is really nice to have that option. It appeared there was a babysitter on-site, and a couple people took advantage by bringing their kids to the workout. For more information on babysitting services at other workouts, feel free to contact Danielle (

We love coming to Danielle’s classes because we are guaranteed to get our butts kicked and have fun while doing it!

We ended the workout with flights of beer, all of which were delicious! Next time we will bring our husbands, if they can keep up!

Thanks for having us!

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