Bridge The Gap Workouts – Circuit-Style Class

Did you hear? Bridge The Gap Workouts is now at the North Penn Valley Boys & Girls Club!  One day over the holiday break, Danielle offered several FREE circuit-style classes, to her new and existing clients, to come check out her new spot.  We couldn’t give up a great workout, and we had to support our girl! We went, we got our butts kicked, and we felt like strong, happy, and healthy mamas for the rest of the day.  

Bridge the Gap Workouts is calling your name… do you hear it?! Take a look at her schedule of classes below, and let us know if you’d like a workout buddy to check them out!  We love a challenge, and Danielle’s class will do just that!

We have several posts from our classes with Danielle, so check them out to know what you can expect (HIIT Class, Anywhere Class, Winery Workout, HIIT – Take 2, Brewery Workout).  As we have said before, anyone can do her classes because she has modifications for each exercise. You can do it! We believe in YOU!

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