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Just when we thought we have done a workout at every different type of place there was, Bridge the Gap Workouts held a class at a clothing boutique, Love Obsessed (Lansdale) – Bridge the Boutique! Shopping and then a killer workout… yes, please! Burning all of those calories made us realize only one thing was missing- dinner and drinks! Why didn’t we plan this out better?

In any case, this class is another kind that Danielle offers. We’re used to taking her circuit style or HIIT classes (see posts here), but this class was more of a barre type class. Lucky for us, we love barre, so this was right up our alley! Class started off with some warm-ups and went right into leg work, which burned “like a mother” (get it?!). This class focused on working legs, arms, and core work, by completing an exercise with larger movements, pulsing the exercise with smaller movements, and then holding it to really feel the burn. By the end of the 45 minute class we felt like our whole body was Jell-O because we had worked our butts off!

We love coming to Danielle’s classes because not only is it a great workout, but she is so motivating and pushes us to our limits. We love her one saying, “Take a break if you NEED it, not if you WANT it.”  This is something we try to remember in all of our exercise experiences and also in life. Sometimes when we are with our kids we think to ourselves, “Mommy needs a break.” Do we really NEED the break or do we just WANT it?  More times than not, we just want it because they probably aren’t listening again, but when we need it… we need it , usually with some wine too.

Thanks for combining two of our favorite exercises! We’ve always thought of shopping as cardio. 😉😜 We can’t wait for your next fun workout experience! If you haven’t checked out Bridge The Gap Workouts, LLC, do it!

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