It Happened Again… Couples Barre Class

Yep… so it happened again. I was lured to another couples barre class by the promises of beer and appetizers. I am so weak. How can I seriously jump at $5 beers and nachos knowing that it will come with days of soreness and probably embarrassment? In all honesty, it wasn’t completely my fault.

Let’s start at the beginning. It was a pretty typical night with my wife and I sitting on the couch, scarfing down some dinner and watching mindless TV. Out of the corner of my eye I see her lips moving and hear some mumbling, but I’m just so into that episode of Modern Family that I have seen 350 times, I go into my typical “yes” mode. I agree to whatever is being said and sink back into Phil Dunphy and his typical antics. What a great husband I am. Man, I need to work on my listening skills.

Fast forward to the Monday before couple’s class, and my wife and I are planning out our week to make sure someone is there for our daughter. Wait, we have a date night on Saturday night? This is amazing, we haven’t been out together in months. Maybe I will get lucky afterwards? This is going to be great.

Shit, it’s a workout class. Shit, shit, shit. Did I really agree to this? I truly need to be a better listener. Ok, you know what, I’m up for a challenge, so what the heck. Hell, I have been working out like a champion recently. Running 2 miles at a time and light lifting 3-4 times a week since Christmas is about to pay off. Couples Barre at Rise is going to be cake walk. This is also my 3rd time doing it, so I know what to expect. It can’t be any harder than the first two times, right?

On the way to class, my wife tells me our instructor Jeannine had the flu earlier in the week.  How hard could class be? I will be drinking a beer in no time. Stupid me for thinking it would be any easier. Damn Tamiflu making people better in only a few days. I mean seriously, who starts a class with push-ups? And even worse, who then moves directly into shoulder work. Is this even legal? There is nothing like holding 2lb weights above your head for 5 minutes at a time. Wait, are you trying to tell me that was only 2 minutes of class?

Oh thank god, we are moving to thigh work. Squats and lunges.  Now is when all of that running pays off. Why the heck am I so off rhythm? Why is the guy behind me so much better at this than I am? Why does my left leg feel so much stronger than my right? Nice of Jeannine to point out that she took it easy on my left leg. Shit, I’m off rhythm again.

Ok, a nice break. Some light stretching. You can do this. Catch your breath, take a drink, and get back in there. Why is this entire class on your tip toes? Oh, is that why they call it barre?  If my kid can tip toe around all day long, how hard can it be? Next, we are onto glutes and planks. I have been training with 1 minute planks for this moment. This is my time to shine. Well, the plank series was turned up a notch. Alternating shoulder taps. Is this serious? Can normal people really do this? My wife is amazing for taking this class. I should tell her that. Maybe later, if I open my mouth now I may vomit. God, my calves are in so much pain.

I made it. Final light stretching, and then we are done. Wait, we ran out of time? There was supposed to be more? What else could there have possibly been? Does my wife really enjoy seeing me suffer? I miss my kid and laying on the couch.

Class is over. Thank god, I am in the car on the way to the BAR. You know, the one with adult beverages and fattening foods.  Finally, my reward. If you enjoy a hard workout, feeling like you can’t keep up with your wife, and hanging out with other fit women, join Rise and make sure you come to the next couples barre class.  Even though I am still in pain, it was an amazing workout and I would do it again to show my support for my wife. If you are a husband and your wife starts working out at Rise, remember how hot she is going to be when it hurts to get off the couch the next day. Until next time I zone out and starting “yessing” questions, this husband is over and out.   


We would like to thank our husbands for all of their continued support of us on our fitness and healthy-living journey! To see more about what they thought of the class, go to our YouTube channel here.

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