Fuel Cycle Fitness – Boxing + Beats

Name: Fuel Cycle Fitness

Location: Admore, PA

Instructor: Jen – We LOVED Jen! She was so passionate, knowledgeable, and helpful! Her form was also flawless, which was motivation in itself.  Could we ever look like that while boxing?? It is something to work towards, that’s for sure!

Exercise Type: Boxing + Beats – This class was unlike any other we have taken. The music was bumping, and so were our hearts from all of the cardio work – we literally didn’t stop moving the entire class!  No gloves were necessary as we weren’t hitting bags, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it was easy.

Before class started, Jen explained how the class would play out. Each punch had a number (1 – 6), and she gave us a heads up as to which number corresponded to which punch. Sounds easy, right? Well, yes and no!  At certain points, we were saying we really had the hang of it… we got this!! Other times we lost track of the punches, BUT we kept at it and eventually got back on track. Sometimes it helped to watch Jen, but other times it helped to not look at anyone and just repeat the numbers in our heads. We left hearing 1,1,2,1,1,2!

The majority of class was spent boxing, but towards the end, we added in some awesome props to focus on our arms and core – a slider, light weights, and a band. Ever do jumping jacks with light weights in your hands, and also with a band around your thighs?! Us either, until now! Wow, way to spice up the “normal” jumping jack and help us burn even more calories. And speaking of calories, we burned 400+ calories in 45 minutes!! Talk about a kick-ass workout.  We need this in our lives!

Place: Studio

Day of the Week: Sunday

Time: 9:15 – 10:00 AM – we’ll take a killer 45 minute class any day of the week. We give this class a two thumbs up for efficiency – burning 400+ calories in a shorter amount of time. #winning

Price: First class is FREE; Packages and memberships available

What to Wear: Leggings; T-shirt/Tank Top; Sneakers

What to Bring: Water; Towel

What is Provided: Weights; bands; sliders

Level of Experience: All levels seen

Gender Majority: Female

Age Group: Mainly 30’s

Welcoming: OMG, YES! Jen welcomed us immediately upon entering, and took time before and after class to talk to us and answer any questions we had.

Cleanliness: Extremely!

Unique Features: Yes. If you feel like you have no idea how to box, go and take this class. It was unique in that the moves were repetitive, so even a beginner could follow along.  Jen seemed to always circle back to the easier cadance after going through a more difficult set. This helped us to physically and mentally get back on track. And last but not least, we left feeling like bad-ass moms!

Thank you SO MUCH for inviting us to your awesome studio!  We learned so much from class, and got a killer workout! Moms, if you are looking for a great, efficient workout, go to Fuel and check out their Boxing + Beats class. You won’t be disappointed! Until next time… we’ll be practicing our punches (maybe on our husbands)!

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