Pole 1 -2 – PA Pole Academy

Name: Pennsylvania Pole Academy

Location: Doylestown, PA

Instructor: Jane – She was simply amazing!! Every move she did was flawless and she made it look SO effortless! We could sit back and watch her all day.  She demonstrated each move several times and also came around to give one-on-one help. She also explained to us how to get the proper grips, which is so important so you don’t fall or hurt yourself.

Exercise Type: Pole (Level 1-2) Has anyone see the King of Queens episode where Kevin James kills it on the stripper pole?!  We think we probably looked like Carrie (Youtube clip here) – This was our first ever experience with pole dancing… real pole dancing. Sure, we have had our drunken moments in college when we thought we were being cool and dancing around on a pole in the middle of a bar… we’ll pretend that didn’t happen! Thank god there was no Snapchat back then!

Class started out with warm-ups to get our muscles ready. We did a lot of stretching and a few planks.  Then we got our first shot at the pole (our husbands would love to hear us say this… dirty minds LOL!)! Gripping the pole was hard the first time, and there were two different sizes. We recommend starting with the smaller one first.

The first move was relatively easy and we thought to ourselves, “piece of cake!”  We stood behind the pole and kicked one leg out and then swept it back in and kicked the other out. Jane called it the pendulum, and that’s exactly what it looked like. She kept building on that one move, and it got more and more challenging, but we still hung in there.  See YouTube clip of Jane doing it here.  It wasn’t until the next set of moves that we thought to ourselves, “OMG this is HARD!”  The amount of upper body strength needed for the majority of these moves is crazy. Again, Jane made it look so easy and we didn’t even realize how much strength it took until we tried it ourselves. Check out the move below that we were able to nail!

We ended the workout with a simple spin call the Attitude Spin (see Youtube clip here).  This was awesome! Jane took the pin out of the bottom of the pole so it could spin and showed us how to do a simple spin. We felt like we could do it all day long, that’s how much fun it was.

Place: Studio

Day of the Week: Saturday

Time: 9:30-10:30 AM

Price: $25 Drop-in price; packages available

What to Wear: We went to Pole wearing our usual – leggings and a tank top.  However, you really should wear shorts (really short shorts – boy shorts if you are comfortable enough) and a tank top. You need your skin to be on the pole, rather than clothing (oh man, we’re so glad our husbands aren’t reading this!).  Just a note too, the skin sensation was very weird at first. It almost felt like a rug burn – luckily we were warned.

What to Bring: Mat (they have extra if you forget) and water

What is Provided: The pole lol.  They also had extra shorts for us to borrow.

Level of Experience: Beginner to advanced – we have never taken this before, and it was HARD! However, since we have some upper body strength, we were able to do the majority of the moves (just not as graceful as the more experienced members.)

Gender Majority: Female

Age Group: 20’s and 30’s

Welcoming: YES! Jane took a lot of time with us in the beginning and after class to answer our questions.

Cleanliness: Extremely.  We also each got a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and a rag to wipe our pole before, during, and after class.  This not only cleans the pole, but it helps keep you from slipping.

Unique Features: Where do we start??? Everything, LOL.  Besides the workout itself, we felt a huge sense of empowerment. All of the women were cheering each other on and helping one another. They were so helpful to us too, by giving us tips and tricks. They even cracked a few jokes after we changed into our shorts. We were concerned because they were so short, and they made comments about how they really should be shorter (true story… they should have been for better traction!).  Another cool thing was that someone brought their two little dogs!! We LOVE dogs, so we ate this up. We have never been to a workout that let you bring your pets before. It was really cool!

Thank you SO MUCH for having us!  We literally had so much fun, and we can’t wait to come back and do it again. Going to this class was a new and exciting challenge for us, and one that we want to be able to perfect. One of us might have been looking at poles on amazon to add to her house… practice makes perfect, right?!  If you have never tried a pole class and want to, go to Pennsylvania Pole Academy and try it out. They have so many different classes to choose from, so you are bound to find one that you will like.

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Want to know what we are wearing? Click the links below.

Meghan (on the left):

Leggings: https://shopstyle.it/l/07J8

Tank: https://shopstyle.it/l/07K1  (similar – newer style)

Melissa (on the right):

Leggings:  https://shopstyle.it/l/1jvH

Tank: https://shopstyle.it/l/1jvU (similar – newer style)

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  1. I’ve been going to a pole/exotic dancing class for months and it is one of the best things to happen to me! It’s definitely a great workout and it is a confidence booster. I love it!

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