Tabata – Nex Level Fitness (Chalfont)

“You gotta Tabata!” This was the saying we were welcomed with as we entered into Nex Level Fitness Chalfont bright and early on Saturday morning, and it totally stuck!  It was our second time taking Tabata at Nex Level Fitness (Thank you to Amy W. for introducing us!), but our first time taking it at the Chalfont Location (see previous past from Nex Level – Doylestown here).  Just like the first time, this class did not disappoint. Some of the exercises were similar, so we knew what to expect, but we can say with complete truth that the phrase “no pain no gain” definitely applies here.

We have come to the conclusion that if we took Tabata 1-2 times a week, every week, we would be in some serious, kick-ass shape. It is now 3 days after we took this class and we are STILL sore! Nex Level, it never ceases to amaze us how great a workout we get at your classes. Thank you again for another great class!

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4 thoughts on “Tabata – Nex Level Fitness (Chalfont)

  1. That sounds like so much fun! I always love finding new ways to workout and keep my body moving!

  2. I love Tabatha! And you are correct, no pain no gain. Sometimes, after a class (even after a couple of days) I try to replay in my head, what all I did and why does this muscle hurt.

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