Friday Fitness Tip – Drink More Water. We’re Talking To You!

This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to drink more water.  Most of us are guilty of not drinking enough for a variety of reasons. Too busy? Don’t really like the taste of water? Not part of our daily routine? We have all seen the “drink eight 8 oz glasses of water a day” guidelines, but how much of this is really true? After doing some research, eight 8 oz glasses a day is a great start, but some people require even more than that. So, how much is enough? Unfortunately, it is a very grey area.

The current recommendation for adults, ages 19 and older, is approximately 131 ounces for men, and 95 ounces for women. This is inclusive of your overall fluid intake per day, which includes food/drinks that contain water (fruits and veggies, for example). Some other considerations for increasing your water intake would be how much you exercise. It is recommended to add 12 – 20 oz of water per hour of physical activity.

We found a chart on, which may be helpful when trying to determine how much water you should intake daily.

Here are a few suggestions we came up with to help us all drink more water:

  1. Track it.  This could be either writing it down in a journal, or getting a water bottle and labeling each ounce and hour.
  2. Set a realistic goal.  And stick to it!
  3. Add fresh fruit to your water.  This definitely helps the person who isn’t fond of regular water.
  4. Drink a glass of water before each meal and each snack. This will also help curb your appetite and prevent overeating.
  5. Buy a new water bottle. This could help you achieve your goal.

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5 thoughts on “Friday Fitness Tip – Drink More Water. We’re Talking To You!

  1. This is a great post with great suggestions. Tracking how much water and drinking a glass of water before meals. Are great ways to stay on top of drinking enough water. Thanks for sharing.

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