Too Afraid To Shop And Workout? Let’s Change That!

We hear it too often… “Working out is a chore” or “I don’t enjoy working out” or “Working out is too hard”  and our favorite one of all “I don’t have time to work out”.  Well, we hate to break it to you, but YES it will feel like a chore, you won’t enjoy it, it will be too hard, and you won’t find the time for it, if you don’t do something you love (or at least like).  

This past weekend we were lucky enough to participate in a Fit4Mom – Central Bucks Body Back class (see post with full details on the class here) at Athleta (North Wales) .  OK, talk about combining exercising with something you love… shopping and exercising? Sign me up! Not only did we get to get out of our houses for a few hours (kid-free!), we burned a ton of calories and got a coupon to purchase new workout gear! #winning  

See what we mean about combining exercise with something you love? What do you love? Can you incorporate exercise into it?  Maybe you really like your dog, so why not take them for a walk, jog, or hike? How about taking your yoga mat outside and perfecting your downward dog?  

The class was full of moms just like us, who all had common goals – to get fit, stay fit, and be fit.  If you haven’t tried a Fit4Mom class yet, go to their site and sign yourself up for a class. The first class is FREE, and you will be hooked!  Thank you for having us!

4 thoughts on “Too Afraid To Shop And Workout? Let’s Change That!

  1. Shopping and exercise seems like the perfect combination! I usually combine fitness and social hour by going to a local running meet up twice a week!

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