Tupac & Biggie Couldn’t Do It, But We Did. East Coast And West Coast Collaboration Comin’ At Ya!

When you become a mom, you enter into this secret club with other women just like you.  They feel your pain, your happiness, your excitement, your anxieties, your self-doubt, and your need for motivation.  They understand when you say that you need to get your body back, because we have all been there. Lucky for us, we have each other, and we are constantly looking to expand our network of moms.  

We recently connected with Sarah, who is like our West Coast sister! She is also a mom of a toddler (she gets our struggles! LOL), and she has a passion for health and fitness.  We are so happy to do a collaboration with her, as we have learned so much from following her blog. Sarah is a personal trainer, and has some really great workouts available.

We asked Sarah 10 questions about her, her blog, and her passions. We hope you enjoy getting to know her, like we did! Sarah’s blog is Raise Them Wild and you should all check it out!

Q: Can you introduce yourself?

Hey there! My name is Sarah Bockstahler, I am a lover of all things health and fitness! I am a relatively new mama to my son Maverick, he is one years old. I am the content creator behind Raise them wild. It is a blog catered to moms where I share my passion of fitness, my new journey with motherhood, and a way to connect with women all over the world!

Q: Why did you start your blog?

I started blogging in October of 2018. After I became a mom, my life became all about my child and being a mom, which I love don’t get me wrong but I needed to do something for me! I love fitness and I have a background in fitness. I even in the past had a fitness blog as well as my own personal training business. Sharing my love of fitness and keeping others motivated gives me joy so I began to do this all through my blog. I also became a mom around the same time a couple of my friends did and now more and more are becoming mothers. I was constantly being asked all these questions and advice so I figured many other first time moms probably have the same questions, so I made this fitness/mom blog!

Q: Why is it important for you to have fitness in your life?

When I workout I feel good! I feel energized, my mood is better, I feel healthy…everything is just better when I am active! I like setting a good example for my son too, he is constantly watching my every move and picking up on all my habits both good and bad so I have to set the tone now.

Q: How do you find time to balance fitness & mom life?

In the beginning it was difficult. Prior to baby I had a gym membership and a yoga membership, I put both of those on hold. It was difficult for me to coordinate childcare during those times, and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him at the gyms childcare. When my son was about 3 months old I joined stroller strides, and that helped a lot. I also began working out at home. Since I was a personal trainer I had everything I needed in my garage, all I needed was motivation! When my son was younger I would just put him in the swing and workout. As he got older I found different ways to keep him entertained while I worked out if I wasn’t working out during his nap time. Working out during his nap time was the easiest thing for me so I began creating quick 15 minute nap time workouts. When your a mom you just figure out how to make the most of your time!

Q: How do you stay motivated to workout?

Easiest way for me to stay motivated is by being consistent! Get into a routine and make a commitment to yourself to workout 3-5 days/week. I do my workouts first thing in the morning that way I don’t have time to get side tracked and put it off. I like to change it up as well, such as working out with different pieces of equipment, different scenery, or different workouts.

Q: What is your favorite at home workout?

I like quick high intensity workouts. I like workouts that will help me burn the most amount of calories in the least amount of time! Check out my week of HIIT workouts here https://www.raise-them-wild.com/workouts/a-weeks-worth-of-15-min-hiit-workouts-calendar-included

Q: How has your fitness journey changed since becoming a mom?

I have had quite the fitness journey. I have always loved working out I remember being like 16 and going to the gym and doing random fitness class I have always loved it. In my early 20s I got into bodybuilding and began doing bikini competitions. It was a great experience and back then I was spending 24-7 in the gym. I would do about an hour of cardio, an hour of lifting, and then I was also working as a trainer so I would basically live in the gym. These days I am a lot more laid back. I haven’t worked out in a gym in over a year. I workout in my garage or outdoors, I workout about 5 times a week…if that. Before I would feel so guilty if I didn’t workout everyday..now it doesn’t bother me…chasing my child is my daily cardio!

Q: What is your favorite type of workout?

My favorite type of workout is something high intensity quick and with weights! I love weights. I would do weights anyday vs cardio.

Q: What is your favorite muscle group to workout?

My favorite muscle group to workout is the booty! As a prior bikini competitor I worked that part quite often! My fitness company in the past was called as$piring fitness because I liked to work that part specifically!

Q: Where can we find your blog?

Find my blog at www.raise-them-wild.com for all things fitness, motherhood, and more! Also follow me along on Instagram at @_sarahbockstahler, pinterest, facebook, and twitter!

Thank you, Sarah, for the opportunity to work with you! We look forward to future collaborations with you!

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