GFit Women – Huntingdon Valley

Name: GFit Women Huntingdon Valley

Location: Huntingdon Valley, PA

Instructor: Alli – She was an amazing coach throughout the entire class. She walked up and down the room motivating and cheering people on.  There were a few times we felt like giving up (or crying), and we heard her words of encouragement and kept going.

Exercise Type: Workout Of The Day – Holy moly was this the workout of the day; probably the workout of the month for us! Class started out with some individual stretching. Alli set us up with another trainer who was taking the class too, and she walked us through the stretching she does.  After our stretching, Alli walked us through the exercise routine. She set the clock for 36 minutes… can’t be that hard, right?! Only 36 minutes. HA. Stay tuned. We were told to get into pairs, and were so happy we could go at it together.

Ok time to start. Alli turned up the music, and we got to work. The first song was a Tupac classic… music to our ears! Did they know how much we love Tupac?  Well, how much one of us loves Tupac! The first exercise was burpees. Piece of cake. We can do these in our sleep, and maybe even with a kid on our back. Well, this is where it got interesting. Alli told us to alternate odds and evens. Meghan starts with 1 burpee. Melissa does 2 burpees.  Meghan does three burpees, and so on and so forth up to seven. Still hanging in there. After we hit seven, Melissa started with the odds. One. Meghan does two. Up to seven again. After this second round, we did wall ball throws. We alternated in the same way as the burpees, but when up to nine.  The next exercise was burpees with mountain climbers. We did the same rotation up to seven. Our last exercise was kettlebell lifts, which we alternated the same way up to nine. Great. We are done! Wrong… we have to keep going until the 36 minutes is up. 36 minutes doesn’t seem too short now, does it?!

We must say, as hard as the workout was, we had a blast!  We both thought the counting would be a walk in the park, but we can’t tell you how many times we messed it up. Are we on 3 or 5? We laughed and laughed, and it took our minds off of how tired we were feeling.  

Place: Studio

Day of the Week: Tuesday

Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Price: First class is FREE; memberships available.  With a membership you get a daily workout, a personalized nutrition plan, and a bad-ass women community.

What to Wear: Tank top/T-shirt; Shorts/leggings; Sneakers

What to Bring: Water; small towel

What is Provided: Everything else!

Level of Experience: All levels

Gender Majority: Female

Age Group: We saw a large range, which was amazing! Women as young as early 20’s to women in their 60’s.

Welcoming: Y.E.S. As soon as we entered, Alli came right over and introduced herself and introduced us to all of the other trainers that were also in the room. She explained the layout of the class, what we can expect, etc.

Cleanliness: Yes! After class everyone wiped down their area and equipment too.

Unique Features: The sense of community. As we looked around the room, we noticed all of the women talking, laughing, cheering each other on, and cracking jokes. We felt such a sense of community and empowerment.  We could tell they not only liked the workout, they liked each other! So many women came up to us after class and told us what a great job we did and introduced themselves. One woman even told us the “silver lining” was that the same workout routine was never done twice.

Andddddd we’re dead

Thank you so much for having us! GFit women is an amazing community of strong women, and we feel honored to have been able to experience it. Moms, get out there and try a class! We will go with you!

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