Is BodyArmor the New Gatorade?

Sunday is grocery shopping day in our household. Normally, my husband makes the list and goes during our daughter’s nap, but for whatever reason last Sunday I took a turn. I was weaving my way in and out of the aisles when I came to the “drinks aisle”. I was picking out a Propel Water flavor for the family when a new brand caught my eye from the top shelf. The new brand was BodyArmor. I grabbed one and took a look to see what it was.

What I saw was a little astounding. I even picked up a Gatorade to compare. I knew Gatorade was packed with sugar, but that sugar is good for you, right? Something about electrolytes and replenishing potassium and sodium after a hard workout. Wow, that health class finally came in handy (haha not really)! Gatorade lists over 200mg of sodium and over 60mg of potassium (depending on the flavor) on its nutrition label. This wouldn’t be a problem if nutrition wasn’t on the forefront of everyone’s mind these days. While obesity rises in the United States, the fitness industry has ballooned to $30 billion dollars and is growing by 3-4% annually.  

But is BodyArmor really that much better? Isn’t it just another sugary sports drink competitor, bound for 3rd place alongside the likes of Propel and Gatorade? BodyArmor is made of 10% coconut water, a variety of vitamins and 15mg of sodium as well as 300mg of potassium. I’m not sure if that makes it better for you, but it sounds like BodyArmor is the next big thing in the sports drink arena. If any of you are dieticians or health food nuts, or anyone who has tasted a Body Armor flavor, I would love to hear how it was and how you felt after drinking it post workout. Let me know!

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