Friday Fitness Tip – Don’t Expect Immediate Results

Let me ask everyone a question, how long before I should be expecting to see some exercise results? And by results, I mean a flat stomach, firm biceps/triceps, and a booty you could crack an egg on. When I first began working out, I expected to have the body I desired after a week of commitment. I was so disappointed when I woke up the following Monday and had the same body as the previous week. What do you mean it’s not that simple? Why are my thighs still flabby? This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is “Don’t Expect Immediate Results.”

If there is one piece of advice I could give to all moms either continuing to work out, or getting back into working out, it is to set your exercise expectations for the long term. Make working out a lifestyle change that will improve your entire life. The biggest area of discouragement is when moms don’t feel like they are getting the results they expect in a short time.

Researchers say that it takes the average person about 66 days to establish a new habit.

Working out is even longer on average, and can often times stop and start depending on life situations. Achieving the body image expectations you are striving to meet is impossible without setting good workout habits to support it.

Trust me when I say that you will start to see results if you continue on your path. I was too scared to take before and after pictures of my success, but I promise my body has transformed.  Celebrate the small wins that come along the way. For example, celebrate the ability to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans. Don’t put yourself down by saying, “oh well I should have been at this weight 3 weeks ago.” Enjoy the success with your husband and family, and be proud of yourself for what you have accomplished.

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