Is Disney World The BEST Walking Workout?

Yes, I am back at Disney 6 months after I went in December. I just can’t get enough. And to make it relevant… my steps game gets really amped up! Do you exercise while on vacation? Does walking a million steps count?

My mom is a Disney Nazi. She is literally obsessed with being on schedule and seeing everything possible.  As soon as the plane touches down in Orlando, my anxiety starts that we are going to miss the Magical Express, then our first FastPass, and we won’t be able to get it back. You can’t just get those back you know!

As most of you know Disney is not a vacation, not a relaxing vacation at least.  

However, I have found that it can definitely be considered a great workout. The walking we do in one day constitutes most people’s movements for an entire week. And when you are with my mom, you know you will get in your wind sprints. Just imagine standing in line before the park opens, and then jogging with the masses until the pack opens up, and you begin sprinting to the most desirable ride. Can you picture it? I will add that 2 years ago we were the FIRST people to get in at Epcot.  Can you imagine how early we were there waiting (with a 1 year old in tow)?! And don’t think that our two year old is going to hold us back. Oh hell no. Pick her up, keep up, or we will leave you.

As my mom is sprinting ahead she keeps looking back and motioning to us to keep up! I never thought that sprinting and carrying a 30 pound child (with a backpack) in the Florida humidity would be so exhilarating. Take a quick break while standing in line for the ride, catch your breath, enjoy the ride, and then let’s get back to it.

As the day goes on, steps continue to pile up and I continue to sweat out all of the Disney food from the entire week. So even though Disney doesn’t offer time for a traditional workout, you better believe that you will get your money’s worth in terms of walking and running.

What’s the most amount of steps you have ever gotten in one day?

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