If My 2 Year Old Can Do a Burpee, So Can YOU! Burpees Are So Effective.

Burpee Challenge

Burpees are effective. There is no mistaking that. No excuses 🙂 Check her out on Youtube.

First things first, what is a burpee, and why are they effective?  In a nutshell, burpees are a fantastic, calorie-burning, strength-building, full body exercise.  They combine elements of cardio and strength training in just a few moves. One of the best things about burpees is that they burn a ton of calories, and continue to burn them throughout the day due to an increase in your metabolism. Who doesn’t want that?? Sitting on my couch after doing burpees, and I am still burning calories… #winning

So, are you guys up for a challenge? We already did a plank challenge, which people seemed to enjoy, so we wanted to give this one a whirl! One week of burpees. We’d like to challenge you to one minute of burpees a day. A bonus is if you can increase your number of burpees throughout the week.  Keep us updated on your progress too! #workitlikeamotherburpees

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