Why Are So Many Of Us Intimidated By Group Exercise? Here Is One Way We Have Found To Kick This Feeling.

Working out is supposed to be fun.

It should be rewarding.

Working out is supposed to be about you and no one else.

So why do we so often hear people say, “I need to get in a little better shape and then I will go to the gym”? How does that make any sense? Our opinion is that exercising in a crowd can be extremely intimidating.

Whether it is at the gym or at a workout class, it can be intimidating to be alone and not fully confident in what you are doing. There are so many exercise machines, such a wide open space, and so many people who appear to know exactly what they are doing. So how do you combat this overwhelming feeling? We have said it before and we cannot stress it enough, finding a workout buddy can give you the confidence you need to get started, continue, and refine your routine. There is a reason why running groups and workout groups appear to have taken over the exercise culture. It helps reduce the intimidation of feeling all alone.

If you are interested in finding a workout buddy, please reach out to us. We love trying new classes, new workouts, and are willing to help reduce the intimidation of working out by giving you the confidence you need.

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