Working Out 10 Years Later – 5 Things We Wish We Had Known

We cannot describe to you how much we took advantage of working out 10 years ago. Back then it wasn’t just a workout, it was also a social outing, a potential place to find boys, and a way to pass time. Talk about being naïve.

Here are five things about working out that we wish we would have know 10 years ago.

1. Unlimited time to workout no longer exists – Seriously, if we do not plan out our entire week and fit in time to workout it will literally never happen. Ten years ago we took our time and went to workout classes at all hours of the day. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes at lunch, and sometimes after dinner. There was no one to worry about other than ourselves, and we could come and go as we pleased. Now with husbands, kids (see Life Before and After Babies post), pets, a house, and a “real job,” spontaneously working out is non-existent.

2. Our friends aren’t always available to workout when we want to – We are pretty sure that coordinating workouts with friends before texting and cell phones was easier than trying to coordinate schedules in your 30s. Sometimes we coordinate working out a month in advance instead of an hour in advance like in our early 20s.

3. Do we really have to stretch before and after every exercise? – Gone are the days of stepping into the gym, and getting right into working out. Now we spend the first 10 minutes of our workout stretching our muscles and the last 10-15 minutes cooling down our bodies to make sure we can move the next day.

4. Recovering from a tough workout has become a week long event – You know the saying that hangovers get worse the older you get. And taking care of toddlers after a long night of drinking is like listening to nails on a chalkboard. The same applies to the pain you feel after working out. Years ago our muscles recovered in 12 hours. Now it feels like it takes 12 days sometimes.  

5. A slowing metabolism is a real thing – Drinks after the gym? How about we add in some shakes as we leave the gym? Brunch after barre on Sunday? Sure, why the hell not. 10 years later and each one of those items slowly undoes all of the hard work that just took place in the past hour. Yes, it is a fact that your metabolism slows as you get older. And yes it is a fact that diet is extremely important to being healthy and completing a workout. We just wish someone would have told us that chicken and waffles was no longer an option.

So for any of you reading this that don’t yet have kids… we promise, they are worth it (wink, wink).

8 thoughts on “Working Out 10 Years Later – 5 Things We Wish We Had Known

  1. These are all SO true! I’ve found myself recovering a lot longer in between workouts and I barely have enough time with an overly anxious toddler.

  2. These are so relatable! I always try to encourage younger patients to establish healthy routines in their 20’s because getting back into it 10-20 years later is not easy!

    1. Thank you! Yes! It is really hard when you are older. I always try to tell younger people that too.

  3. Such truth to this! I am currently battling figuring out scheduling it in.

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