A Girl Walks Up To The Barre… Another Collab Post Comin’ At Ya!

Barre. What can we say about barre that we haven’t already said?

Probably nothing. You all know that barre is one of our favorite workouts. It is one that keeps us strong, toned, and lean. Every class is just as challenging, even though we have been taking barre for over 4 years now.

One of the most important pieces to wear to a barre class are sticky socks (barre socks).  

You need those little guys to be… sticky! If you do not have a good grip, how are you supposed to have that perfect ballerina form? Are we right?!

Recently, we teamed up with Savvier Fitness and Barre Above to bring to you their amazing Barre Sox. We have never worn barre socks without toes before, so we were psyched to try them. Not only were they fashionable, they were functional! We were able to grip like never before! Our relevé’s were on point (pun intended). We loved the color combinations they sent, and we loved the crisscrossed detail on the top of our feet because it helped us feel snug.

Are you in need of new barre socks, or maybe just interested in what they have to offer? Check them out!

We were also lucky enough to receive, and try out their new line of activewear tanks. We loved how they fit, and the sayings on them!


Strong Is Always In Style Tank – This tank was awesome! I loved the color, the fit, and the saying! Two thumbs up for this one.

Live Love Barre – I feel like this was written for me! LOVED the feel of this shirt, but we recommend sizing up one – wearing a medium.  


A Girl Walks Up to the Barre – Great tank, great saying, great fit! This shirt was on point with everything!

Thank you so much Savvier Fitness, Barre Above, and Barre Sox for working with us!

All pictures were taken by Kristen Obetz.

8 thoughts on “A Girl Walks Up To The Barre… Another Collab Post Comin’ At Ya!

  1. I have always wanted to take a barre class! I know it’s challenging but I’ve always loved ballet (definitely not the ballet dancer type though!) and thought this would be a great way to experience at least a little of it!

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