Do You Need A Healthy Snack For A Picky Toddler? We Have Just What You Need!

Having a picky-eater toddler can be so rough! I know most of them go through this stage, but it is driving me crazy. I feel like she is eating like crap because all she wants to eat are potato chips. I was on the hunt for toddler-approved snacks, and it feels like I hit a goldmine.  These Frozen Greek Yogurt Melts had her coming back and asking for more. I can’t even begin to tell you how easy they were to make either. It took about 3 minutes to prepare, and all I had to do was pop them in the freezer for an hour. If you have a picky eater like I do, this might be your saving grace!



Frozen Greek Yogurt Melts


  • 8 oz Greek Yogurt – I used low-fat vanilla
  • Chocolate chips
  • Rainbow sprinkles I’d call them “Jimmies” but my husband hates when I do that


  • Add the yogurt to a ziplock bag – make sure there is no air and zip up.
  • Cut a hole in one corner.
  • Squeeze onto wax paper (on a baking sheein little circles.
  • Add chocolate chips/sprinkles/anything else you want.
  • Freeze for one hour.
  • Remove and store in an airtight container and put back in the freezer until ready to eat.

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