Are Vitamins A Waste Of Money?

I was watching a rerun of a Big Bang Theory episode the other day on TV when Penny and Sheldon were at the grocery store. Penny talks about picking up vitamins and Sheldon, in only the way Sheldon can, let’s Penny know that even though she purchased vitamins, she really purchased very expensive urine, since her body could only absorb a small amount of nutrients in the vitamins she was taking. That got me thinking, are vitamins a waste of money? 

So… are vitamins a waste of your hard-earned money?

I hand my daughter doctor-suggested vitamins every morning, which she loves. And my husband loves because they are gummies… I have to remind him that he doesn’t need the same vitamins as a 2 year old. Although he has adopted my 2 year old’s string of “why” questions since he started taking them. Weird. 

If you google whether or not vitamins are beneficial to one’s health you get a wide variety of responses. Just a quick internet search led to more confusion in my mind. There were posts about how multivitamins show benefits in decreasing heart disease, or folic acid reduces the chance for heart defects, and also Vitamin D can help with bone health. In contrast, other posts say taking too many vitamins is not only no benefit to your health, but has the potential of causing health issues. So which is it? And how the heck are we supposed to know who to listen to? 

We recommend everything in moderation, and we recommend listening to your own body. Just like with a workout regiment, not one plan works for everyone. It’s important to discuss with your physician, especially if you feel you are having negative effects from something you are taking. 

In our experience, we can tell you that Vitamin C seems to keep our household healthy (knock on wood), Vitamin D tends to help with bone density, and we also took a folic acid vitamin while pregnant. 

In the end, it’s important to know that there are a bunch of different options out there and you should listen to what works for you. 

What are your thoughts?

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